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Bluehost is a leading US-based hosting provider that offers a broad spectrum of hosting solutions, used worldwide for excellent performance, security, and speed. It has successfully hosted over 2 million domains and is one of the most reliable and cheapest web hosting providers today.

When you sign up for a shared hosting account, Bluehost provides free “ads credits,” which can be a good way to kickstart the campaign and promote your website, this is known as “Bluehost Marketing Offers.” The hosting provider offers ad credits of $200 right away when you sign up for their shared hosting plan, allowing you to advertise your website without having to invest anything on your own in the beginning.

Interested to learn how you can use Bluehost Marketing credits to promote your website? In this article, we provide in-depth insight on everything that you need to know about the Bluehost Ads offers before signing up.

What Do Marketing Offers Mean On Bluehost?

A new website or an eCommerce portal would need brand exposure to attract more traffic and boost sales. Advertising is one of the most effective methods to spread the word.

However, running ads will cost you several hundred dollars that can turn out to be expensive for small website owners with limited capital. Keeping this in mind, Bluehost offers a variety of special offers, including a $200 ad credit for marketing purposes. When you purchase a Bluehost shared hosting plan, you get access to several tools & features as well as marketing offers in the form of advertising credits.

bluehost shared hosting plans

Does Bluehost Offer Google Ads Credit?

Yes, all Bluehost shared hosting plans include Google Ads credit up to $100 to kickstart your first advertising campaign. However, this credit is valid only for new Google Ads customers who are located in the U.S, and Canada.

bluehost google ads

Once you sign up for a Google Ads account and spend $25, you will automatically earn an additional $100 Google Ads credit for advertising.

Google Ads is the most popular online advertising platform that allows you to show your brand advertisements to the right people, at the right time, and in the right place. You can place your ads through various elements like Keywords, Devices, Ad Location, Demographics, and Days, time & frequency – for making your ad campaigns more targeted.

Additionally, there is no minimum ad spending limit on Google Ads; you gain complete control over how much to spend and where. You can also optimize and monitor your accounts using Google’s intuitive analytics tools.

Bluehost provides its customers with the option to leverage the power of online advertising through Google Ads. With the Marketing Offers, you can receive Google Ads credits for free and get started right away by making a spend of $25 credits initially. Here are the steps to claim your Google Ads credit through Bluehost once you have purchased a shared hosting plan:

  1. Sign up to your Bluehost account.
  2. Log in to cPanel and find the icon named “Promotional”.

google adwords cpanel bluehost

  1. From here, click on the option “Google Adwords
  2. You will see a “Generate Code” button. Click on it to receive your Google Ads promotion code.
  3. You will have to click on the Google link provided and follow the instructions to create your Ads account. You will receive an activation email on successfully creating an ad campaign
  4. Next, log in to your Google Ads account, find “Billing Preferences” under the “My Account” tab and follow the given instructions.
  5. In the field that shows “Promotional Code”, enter the unique Bluehost Google Ads code exactly the way it is, make sure to include the hyphens and symbols if any.
  6. Provide your billing information and click on “Save and Activate
  7. You will automatically receive a $100 ad credit once you spend $25 on Google Ads

Free Advertising Credits By Bluehost

Bluehost makes your online journey easier by providing ad credits along with the web hosting package.

Currently, there are two marketing credits included with Bluehost’s shared hosting plans – Google Ads and Bing Ads.

bluehost cpanel promotional section

Bluehost Adwords

You get a $100 Google Ads credit, which you can redeem by signing up for a Google Ads account and investing a minimum of $25 in your Ads campaign.

Bing Marketing Credits

By purchasing Bluehost shared hosting plan, you also get a $100 Bing Ads credit, which can be used only for an active Bing Ads account with no minimum spend limit.

Bing Ads, now a part of Microsoft Advertising, is another widely used online advertising platform and a more cost-effective alternative to Google Ads. It has powerful social extensions and the CPCs are also less expensive. You can set up global or local ad campaigns across different time zones. Bing Ads also enables you to optimize your ad campaigns using Search Demographics.

With the use of ad extensions, you can provide your consumers and prospects the most relevant information about your brand or business. Moreover, you get extended control over the ad campaign and across all ad group levels. Advertising on Bing opens up yet another opportunity to reach a diverse target audience, reduce CPC, and increase sales.

By using Bluehost Bing Ads credits, you can easily set up an ad campaign without spending a penny initially. Bluehost offers a Bing ad credit up to $100 initially.

Yahoo Marketing Credits

Earlier, Bluehost offered $25 Yahoo Marketing credits. This allowed marketers to target the dedicated audience base at the Yahoo Search platform. In May 2021, Yahoo Search registered a market share of 1.5%. Even though this is not close to Google but it is a popular marketing platform for advertisers who want to minimize their CPC and total ad spend.

However, Bluehost does not offer Yahoo Marketing credits anymore. Instead of Yahoo, the hosting company now offers more ad credits for Google Ads and Bing Ads, and this is quite an advantage. Rather than having credits for an advertising platform that does not generate quality results, it works better to have higher ad credits for robust platforms like Google and Bing.

Who Are These Ad Credits For? 

Bluehost $200 ad credits are most suitable if you are launching a new website or blog. As a newbie in the digital arena, you are required to run advertisements and increase brand visibility. You will have to invest money for your online advertisements initially, which may not be feasible if you have a limited budget. This is the reason why online advertising takes a backseat for most companies even though it is important.

Bluehost Marketing Offers in the form of ad credits enable you to get started with online advertising on popular platforms without investing anything on your own. The ad credit is a great start to your online visibility. New websites can use the credits to test the Google ad platform or Bing ads for free, and when results start to flow in, you can invest more in advertising.

Bluehost Marketing credits are available only for users who have subscribed for shared hosting plans. However, to use Google Ads credits, you must have a new Google Ads account. The ad credits do not apply to the existing accounts. Bing credits can be used for any type of account.

How Can I Benefit From Bluehost Advertising Credits?

When you sign up for Bluehost website hosting, you might have a question in mind – Whether you should be using the marketing offers provided by Bluehost and Why do you need these credits, and how you can use them to grow your business?

One of the best reasons why you should use these marketing credits is because they are free. After all, where would you get the opportunity to kickstart your advertising campaign on popular platforms like Google or Bing for free!

Once you launch your website, you’d need visitors who can convert into paying customers. Also, getting your website noticed by your target audience is one of the biggest challenges. Search Engine Optimization is an effective tool to rank your website on Google, drive qualified leads, and boost conversions. However, SEO is a long-drawn process and takes time to show proven business results.

If you are looking for immediate results for your new website or eCommerce portal, online advertising is the way to go.

Google and Bing are the two most popular advertising platforms that can help in smart ad positioning right at the place where your prospects are, directing them to your website.

google advertising examples

As you can see in the example above when we search on Google using these key phrases “window tinting in Virginia,” the top 2-3 search results that appear are advertisements of different companies offering window tinting services in Virginia.

Being ranked at the top increases your search engine visibility and people you are more likely to get clicks.

For every click that generates through Google or Bing, you need to pay a specific amount based on the bid you place. This is where you can use the ad credits that you get by signing up for Bluehost shared hosting plans. You can use the credits to experiment with different types of Google and Bing ads, ad positioning, content, imagery, etc. Since you do not have to spend any money initially to run the ads, you can try new advertising strategies and track the performance.

The $200 Bluehost Marketing Offer comes in handy for trying out various ad types. And if you successfully launch your ad campaign, you can even expect a fair amount of ROI from ad credits that you spend on advertising.

How To Redeem Your Ad Credits?

bluehost get started

Here are the key steps to claim and redeem your ad credits:

  1. Log in to the Bluehost account that you created when purchasing a shared hosting plan.
  2. With the hosting plan, you will receive an email to redeem the credits. To redeem the credits, you or your business must be located in the U.S. or Canada.
  3. Open the Partner Page. You will get the link to the Partner Page from your account’s Bluehost panel.
  4. Next to the ad credit that you want to claim, click on “Learn More” and follow the instructions as prompted to generate a unique code.
  5. Once you get the code, follow the process to claim your credit.

To start advertising on Google Ads, you will need to spend $25 credits to your account and only then you will get $100 additional free credits. The credits can only be used if you have a new Google Ads account; these do not apply to the existing accounts. You do not require any minimum deposit to get started with Bing Ads. You can create and run your ads right away by using the credits available. Unlike Google Ads, you can use the credits for your existing Bing account as well.

An Important tip: Start with running Bing ads first for the free $100 credits that you get. Once you start making a decent amount of revenue from your Bing ad campaign, you can invest $25 by yourself in Google Ads and get an additional $100 from Bluehost. This way, you can earn a total of $200 ad credits free without having to spend a dime.


Now that you know everything about Bluehost Marketing Offers, do you think Bluehost website hosting is worth it? 
Yes, Bluehost is one of the top hosting providers today, offering a wide range of hosting solutions that provide diverse business needs. Shared hosting plans offered by Bluehost are the best in the industry and they are most suitable for beginners who want to host single/multiple websites or applications in a cost-effective way. The plans open up limitless possibilities for you to launch your websites and scale as your business grows.

Adding to these benefits are free marketing credits that provide the scope to advertise your business on popular platforms like Google and Bing. If you are a beginner, you might be apprehensive about spending on advertisements right away. But with free ad credits, you can easily set up your ad campaigns, run them, and drive more traffic without having to spend any money.

This comes as a bonus for using Bluehost’s shared hosting plans and is worth considering to boost your brand visibility across multiple digital platforms and increase ROI.

Bluehost shared hosting along with ads credit is a complete solution to get your website hosted and to get your website at the forefront of the search engine rankings.

If you wish to share your experiences or if you want to add up to the information mentioned in this review, you can add your views in the comments section.

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