Cheap Windows VPS in Australia

Cheap Windows VPS in Australia is hard to find. You need to look for the right Windows version, performance, and security as well.

You can go with BinaryLane if you want Windows hosting at a reasonable price. However, if you are looking for the best premium hosting, you can go with Vultr.

6 Cheap Windows VPS in Australia

Let’s start the list.

1. Quantum Core

quantum core vps windows

Quantum core is a cheap Windows VPS service in Australia. You can install Windows 2016 and 2019 standard editions here. There is no extra cost for a Windows license. It comes with a 1 Gbps fast network connection.

Their Windows have desktop GUI support. So, you can use a remote desktop to manage your server as well.

Coming to data centers, they have Equinix data center in Sydney, Australia. They have pure NVMe SSDs to increase the speed. To control your server, you will get full administrator access.

You have permission to install any software or app you want. They also offer cPanel.

Overall, the number of features you will get here is low. However, it’s still a great deal as pricing is attractive and reasonable.

Starting price: 15 AUD which converts to roughly $10.22. There is no extra cost for Windows.

Pros of Quantum Core

  • No Windows license cost.
  • Support is great.
  • Supports Windows GUI.

Cons of Quantum Core

  • Fewer features.

2. BinaryLane

BinaryLane has 4 locations in Australia where you can host your VPS. You can host it in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. They allow you to install Windows server 2016. 2019, and 2022. The remote server is allowed.

However, the remote desktop SAL license will cost you extra.

With performance alerts and resource monitoring, you can keep a close eye on your server. If it increases to a certain extent, you can not only scale but also add a load balancer.

They have an external firewall for better security.

Starting price: $15.50 (with Windows). The base price says $17.50. However, you can decrease the storage to bring down the price.

binary lane cheap windows vps australia

Pros of BinaryLane

  • Scalable server with all Windows versions.
  • NVMe storage to increase speed.
  • The VPS is extremely simple for beginners.

Cons of BinaryLane

  • Some people face issues in installing third-party scripts.

3. VPSBlocks

VPSBlocks allow you to install any version of Windows starting from 2012 R2 to 2022. It uses NVMe flask disk. They allow you to customize the server as per your need. You can also add more cores or RAM.

The servers are located in Melbourne. You will get 100% dedicated resources. They also have automatic failover.

So, if any of the hardware stops working, it will be transferred to the working node automatically.

They use a premium tier 1 bandwidth for better speed. The cloud server is optimized for Windows as well as other add-ons. So, you won’t face any performance issues in installing any software on your server.

Starting price: 30 AUD which roughly converts to $20.35 (2 months discount if you pay yearly).

vpsblocks windows vps

Pros of VPSBlocks

  • Customizable and scalable cloud.
  • Plesk and other add-ons are available.
  • Advice section to guide you on resources.

Cons of VPSBlocks

  • Support available only during working hours (Australian Support)

4. Network Presence

Network presence is an Australian web hosting company offering various VPS servers. They offer Windows 10 home and pro versions. You can also install Windows server 2012 to 2019.

The Value VPS plan will allow you to add the OS.

Unfortunately, they don’t allow you to customize the server more. The interface to buy the server is more like an eCommerce website.

However, as the performance is excellent, you can surely consider this as one of your options.

You can directly call them as they also offer phone support along with consultancy. Their main data center is in Sydney.

Starting price: $21.10 per month. They also offer 0.014 AUD per hour for runtime billing. It’s only charged if VPS is running.

network presence au vps

Pros of Network Presence

  • You can add Adelaide as an add-on.
  • They have sysadmin assistance.
  • Option to pay only when the server is running.

Cons of Network Presence

  • Very little information on the website (including that of the data center).

5. Mammoth

Mammoth is a cloud Windows VPS operating in Australia. It will be slightly more expensive to get this server. However, if you are looking for a server with full N+1 hardware redundancy, it’s a great choice.

The Windows version can be quite a disappointment as they only offer 2008 and 2012 Windows. It comes pre-configured with Windows remote desktop.

You can use it anywhere by logging in with your IP address and password.

They have data centers located in Sydney, Australia. It comes with performance alerts and resource monitoring. Just like the above host, there is little information available on the website.

You can also call support if you are unsure about something.

Starting price: $45 per month.

mammoh au cloud

Pros of Mammoth

  • A remote desktop is available.
  • They provide automated backups with full-disk backups.
  • You can also call them for support.

Cons of Mammoth

  • Too much expensive.
  • Fewer Windows versions (none of the latest).

6. Obble

Obble is a bit unique and an Australian VPS. Here, you can buy Windows-supported VPS.

NOTE: They don’t sell Windows licenses. So, you will have to activate a Windows license on your own.

You can also activate their 180 days Windows trial which is for personal use.

By default, they have Windows server 2016. If you want to install any other OS, you will have to provide them with, a custom ISO. They have data centers in Melbourne. You will get 1 Gbps bandwidth speed.

They use NVMe storage for better speed. They offer DDoS protection for security.

Starting price: 10 AUD (2 months discount if you pay annually).

obble windows optimized hosting

Pros of Obble

  • The server-level caching for better speed.
  • They offer free inbound migrations.
  • You can ask for a refund within 14 days.

Cons of Obble

  • You will have to get a Windows license on your own. They don’t sell it.

3 Windows VPS with Australian DataCenter

We will see a few of the best premium AU VPS.

7. Vultr (free credits)

Vultr is the best cloud hosting service offering multiple data centers. Two of their data centers are located in Melbourne and Sydney. It comes with Windows server 2012 R2 to 2022. You can either get the standard version or get Windows core.

If you want to use other versions, you can upload your custom ISO.

There are a lot of add-ons from their marketplace. It comes with 100% SLA uptime. They also provide private networking. As your business grows, you can quickly scale your server by adding more resources.

During traffic spikes, you can also install a load balancer.

It’s one of the best Window clouds in Australia. You will get amazing security, performance, and features.

Starting price: $12 for VPS and $14 for Licence (total $26).

vultr best windows vps australia

Pros of Vultr

  • The best scalable cloud with a lot of add-ons.
  • Marketplace to install apps with ease.
  • Friendly control panel.

Cons of Vultr

  • There are no major cons.

8. Milesweb

Milesweb uses AWS infrastructure to offer Australian VPS. You will get full remote desktop access along with dedicated resources. The data center is located in Sydney.

You can install Windows 2012, 2016, or 2019. You can install the Plesk panel for an extra cost.

You will get IIS and the latest ASP version to run your web apps. The resources are fully isolated. You will get amazing security as well. It supports all MVC frameworks. You can also run MetaTrader here on the server.

They also have an app to monitor your resources.

With private nameservers, you can keep the web-app private. There are no interruptions and the uptime is also great. They have a reasonable price. There is no extra cost for a Windows license.

Starting price: 28 AUD ($19.03) per month.

milesweb windows vps sydney

Pros of Milesweb

  • You will get a 99.95% uptime guarantee.
  • The support is incredible.
  • Amazon Web Services infrastructure.

Cons of Milesweb

  • Melbourne location and Windows 2019 are only available for a few packages.

9. OVHCloud

OVH is yet another cloud hosting offering Windows servers in Sydney. They offer Windows servers from 2016 to 2022. The bandwidth is unmetered. You will get KVM virtualization here. They also provide you with complete root access.

Further, to increase read and write speed, they use NVMe SSD.

The features also include monitoring and intervention. So, you will have a close eye on your resources. Coming to the resources, you can scale up as you move. You can geolocate your IP in Australia. They offer up to 2 Gbps uplink. OVH also offers automatic backups.

You can install the Plesk panel. The uptime is 99.9%. Therefore, you will get amazing performance.

Starting price: 16 AUD ($10.88) per month if you go without a commitment.

ovh cloud windows vps

Pros of OVHCloud

  • There are a lot of technical features such as API, IPv6, tech support, etc.
  • You will get amazing performance and uptime here.
  • Scalability is great.

Cons of OVHCloud

  • The support lacks some technical knowledge and is slow to respond.

Buying guide for Australian Windows VPS

Location of data centers

The hosting provider should have a physical data center location in Australia for better performance.

Customer support

You can see if the support is available during Australian working hours if it’s not 24/7.

Server Management

If you don’t want to manage it yourself, you can look for managed server or Plesk panel.


You should be able to add more resources and upgrade the plan when the need arises.


These are some of the cheapest Australian windows VPS.

  • Cheap Windows: Binarylane
  • Best Premium Australian cloud: Vultr

You can always go with BinaryLane if you are looking for a cheap VPS with some good Australian support and performance. Vultr, on the other hand, is the best premium cloud due to multiple data centers, scalability, and features.

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