GoDaddy Website Builder SEO (review)

If you have been wondering about the impact of the GoDaddy website builder on SEO, then this detailed review of the GoDaddy website builder will provide you with some useful insights.

As a web developer, I’ve come across some business owners who started their online journey with the GoDaddy website builder. Initially, they were happy with this GoDaddy product because of its beginner-friendly feature.

But their overall experience was completely different than their expectations. Based on my experience of helping them with their online businesses and the experiences that they shared with me, I’m able to write this in-depth review of the GoDaddy website builder.

godaddy website builder

I found out that this GoDaddy builder lacks in many aspects. It offers very limited features and customization options for your website. Not only that, but it also negatively impacts your website SEO.

In this article, you will get to know the pros and cons of the GoDaddy website builder, its impact on SEO, and the best alternatives you can go for.

Let’s first answer the question deeply for which you came here in our next section.

Is GoDaddy Website Builder good for SEO?

No, the GoDaddy website builder is not at all good for SEO. It does more harm to your website SEO than doing anything good in this aspect. Here are some serious issues with the GoDaddy website builder that negatively impact your site SEO:

Poorly designed website templates

GoDaddy offers poorly designed stock templates with some themes not even having meta tags or <h1> titles. These template parts are very important from an SEO point of view.

Additionally, the coding of these website templates is also not SEO-friendly. GoDaddy stock templates are not built to be SEO compliant, thereby harming your website ranking.

Slow website loading time

The GoDaddy website builder features poor coding and insufficient performance optimization. It directly impacts your website loading time. Also, the host’s servers perform too slow, thereby making your website speed slower.

Google now considers page loading time while ranking a website. So, GoDaddy indirectly impacts your website SEO negatively by directly impacting its speed.

Lack of flexibility

GoDaddy website builder offers limited flexibility to change the page URL of your post, heading tags, XML sitemaps, and schema/structured data.

All these aspects have a direct impact on your website ranking. By taking full or partial control of these website aspects into its hands, GoDaddy is seriously affecting your site SEO.

In my opinion, GoDaddy’s website builder is just a marketing tool that the host uses to attract new customers into buying its hosting services. It is a trap for non-tech-savvy customers who have very limited SEO knowledge.

NOTE: GoDaddy website builder is only suitable for very simple websites that do not require much flexibility.

Pros & Cons of GoDaddy Website Builder

Let’s analyze the pros and cons of GoDaddy Website Builder to examine its suitability for your needs.

Pros of GoDaddy Website Builder

The GoDaddy Website Builder comes with the following facilities:


The GoDaddy Website Builder is extremely easy to use. Its drag and drop feature allows you to create beautiful and well-functional websites without any technical knowledge. Even a beginner can create simple web pages with ease using these tools.

godaddy website builder pros beginner friendly


The GoDaddy Website Builder allows you to create mobile-friendly websites which is a plus for your website SEO. With mobile traffic surpassing desktop traffic, Google has started prioritizing the mobile version for indexation purposes.

So building a mobile-friendly website will help you rank higher in the search engines. The GoDaddy layouts are optimized for smartphones and tablets making it easy for you to reach your mobile audience.

Social media integration

The GoDaddy website builder allows you to integrate your website with all your social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. Along with giving a seamless experience to your visitors, this feature helps increase your online visibility.

godaddy website builder pros social media integration

Cons of GoDaddy Website Builder

The GoDaddy Website Builder has the following shortcomings:

Non-transferable website

The biggest disadvantage of using the GoDaddy Website Builder is that it renders your website non-transferable. Your website becomes completely dependent on GoDaddy and locks you with the host forever.

So if for any reason, you decide to transfer your website to another hosting provider, you cannot do that since the website can only work with the GoDaddy website builder and not any other builder. In such a case, you will have to rebuild your website all over again.

No back-end access

The GoDaddy website builder does not provide you with back-end access. So you cannot edit any codes, like adding tracking analytics, to your website files stored with GoDaddy.

Limited customization options

The GoDaddy website builder offers very limited customization options. You will get only a handful of integration options. And the absence of an app store limits your capability of adding more functionality to your website.

Who’s better? GoDaddy Website Builder SEO or WordPress Theme?

WordPress is trusted by 65.2% of all the websites in the world that use a Content Management System (CMS) (Source – W3Techs)

On the other hand, GoDaddy has many bad ratings on Trustpilot because of the poor quality of services it delivers.

godaddy website builder vs wordpress trustpilot

In GoDaddy website builder vs. WordPress theme comparison, WordPress is undoubtedly better than GoDaddy because of the following reasons:

  • WordPress allows you to customize your website code however you like.
  • You will have access to thousands of apps and plugins to add more functionality to your website.
  • You will find plenty of free and paid WordPress themes.
  • WordPress is good for your website SEO.
  • A website built on a WordPress theme builder can be easily transferred to a new host if you ever desire.
  • You will receive more flexibility and control with WordPress theme than GoDaddy website builder.
  • WordPress has a large community that is eager to help fellow WordPress users. So you can expect faster resolution of your technical and non-technical issues when using WordPress.

Alternatives to GoDaddy Website Builder

Since the GoDaddy website builder fails to offer much functionality and flexibility, looking for better alternatives will be the right choice for your website. Here are some alternatives to cover the shortcomings of the GoDaddy website builder:

Website builder alternative

As discussed above, using a WordPress theme builder will be advantageous for you since you can shift from one host to another at any time unlike with the GoDaddy website builder.

The Elementor website builder is a much better choice for a WordPress website than GoDaddy. It is available for free at the official WordPress website.

gogaddy website builder alternative elementor

Elementor is also mobile-friendly like the GoDaddy website builder but is much faster and offers a lot more features.

SEO service alternative

For improving your website SEO, you can go for SEMrush. Unlike the GoDaddy website builder that is not specialized in SEO at all, SEMrush is a dedicated tool built strictly for SEO that aims to improve the online visibility of your website.

godaddy website builder alternative semrush

Where the SEO wizard available under the GoDaddy website builder offers very little help with its basic suggestions, SEMrush provides you with deeper insight. It helps with SEO audit, keyword research, competition analysis, backlinking, and has a free plan as well.

Even the free version of SEMrush offers much more features than the GoDaddy website builder, making it a reliable solution for your website SEO needs.

Hosting alternative

With the quality of services offered by GoDaddy declining every year, it is better to find an alternative to its hosting services as well. The best alternative to GoDaddy hosting is Bluehost which is recommended by WordPress for its excellent services.

godaddy hosting alternative bluehost

Using a WordPress builder on a Bluehost website will provide you with complete control over your website. Bluehost offers competitive prices and better value for money with its hosting plans than GoDaddy.

Additionally, there is a lot of difference between the customer support offered by Bluehost and GoDaddy. The customer care representatives of Bluehost are friendly and knowledgeable as opposed to the ones from GoDaddy who have limited knowledge.

When you want to host a WordPress website, look nowhere else than Bluehost since it is faster, easier, and seamless for WP integration. Moreover, the official recommendation from WordPress itself says it all!


📌 Should I use GoDaddy SEO services?

No, GoDaddy SEO services do not deliver any results or, at the most, very minimal results for your website. Also, these are very expensive in today’s world where you can find many free SEO plugins delivering much better results than the GoDaddy SEO services.

📌 If I switch my site from GoDaddy Website Builder to WordPress, will that hurt my SEO?

No, switching from the GoDaddy website builder to WordPress will not hurt your website SEO if you switch your website without any changes. Keep the URLs, website content, and all other aspects the same, and avoid any downtime to prevent any drop in your website rankings when switching.

📌 Is GoDaddy bad for SEO?

Yes, GoDaddy is bad for your website SEO because of its slow server performance. The host tends to overcrowd its servers resulting in slow website speed, thereby poor Google ranking.

📌 How do I do SEO to my GoDaddy Website Builder?

Though the GoDaddy website builder is not good for SEO and it is recommended to shift your website to a better alternative, you can follow the step-by-step instructions offered by the SEO Wizard of this website builder if you are not in a position to switch at the moment.

GoDaddy website builder provides suggestions for on-page optimizations by suggesting relevant keywords and descriptions for optimizing your website for search engines. Also, utilize the social media integration feature to further increase the online visibility of your website.

📌 Do you have to pay to use the GoDaddy Website Builder?

No, GoDaddy allows you to use its website builder for free forever. This free option comes with limited features. For instance, you cannot start selling on a free plan when you are creating an E-commerce store on the GoDaddy website builder.

godaddy website builder faq free plan

You will have to pay for a premium plan when you need to add more features to your website. The free option is available only for the new websites. So once you shift to a paid plan, you cannot go back to the free plan.

godaddy website builder faq free plan shift

📌 Is GoDaddy Website Builder any good?

No, the GoDaddy website builder is not good for your website. It offers very limited features, functionality, and flexibility.

When you are creating a website with a long-term plan and wish to grow its visibility, focusing on its SEO is very important. Rather than doing any good for your website SEO, the GoDaddy website builder impacts it negatively.

The only case where one can use the GoDaddy website builder is for creating a very basic website that does not require much flexibility.

📌 Is SEO free on GoDaddy?

No, GoDaddy offers two paid SEO services. The first and the cheaper one is a do-it-yourself service called the “GoDaddy SEO tools”. It offers suitable suggestions from within the GoDaddy dashboard for effective SEO optimization.

godaddy website builder faq seo tools

The other one is a fully-managed service called the “GoDaddy SEO services”. It is a costly option where the GoDaddy SEO experts analyze your website and take care of all your website SEO needs, all though I don’t recommend any of those GoDaddy services.

godaddy website builder faq seo services

Verdict: Does GoDaddy Website Builder hurt my SEO?

Unfortunately yes, the GoDaddy website builder does hurt your SEO. I’ve seen some business owners starting their journeys with the GoDaddy website builder only to realize later that it lacks the functionality and flexibility needed for growth.

This limitation is not only observed in terms of customization options and plugins but also website SEO. An efficient optimization involves both the user experience and technical aspects of your website. But the GoDaddy website builder does not offer the level of control you need to optimize your website efficiently for SEO.

It is best to use a WordPress theme builder even if you plan to stay with the GoDaddy hosting services for any reason. In such a case, you can consider pointing the server to a WordPress website and enjoy the flexibility that comes with the WP builder.

If you are using the GoDaddy website builder and considering switching to WordPress, would you like me to do a tutorial on how to transfer your website from the GoDaddy website builder to WordPress?

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