Kinsta vs Media Temple

Are you looking for a reliable host and confused between Kinsta and Media Temple? You must have heard many good things about Kinsta and it is undoubtedly the best solution for a wide variety of hosting projects.

But Media Temple can also be a great fit in many situations. That is why I’ll dive deeper into the Kinsta vs Media Temple comparison to help you find the right solution for your hosting needs. Let’s begin with an overview of these hosting providers.

Kinsta vs Media Temple: Overview

Kinsta is a cloud hosting provider using Google’s infrastructure and network to offer high-quality services on 5 continents. The host utilizes Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to deliver maximum efficiency.

kinsta hosting

Media Temple is a GoDaddy-owned cloud hosting and web hosting platform offering both managed and unmanaged hosting solutions. It primarily focuses on serving the needs of developers, web designers, and creative agencies.

media temple hosting

Here’s a link to the official announcement of Media Temple’s acquisition on the host’s blog.

Kinsta overview

Kinsta offers a wide variety of plans for Managed WordPress hosting, database hosting, and application hosting.

kinsta services

Let’s look at the pros and cons of using Kinsta for your next project:

Pros of Kinsta

  • Kinsta has multiple data center locations spread across different continents around the globe.
  • It offers free website migrations.
  • The host is capable of delivering faster speed for your website or application.
  • Kinsta offers fast and excellent support to its customers.
  • You will receive a better overall performance because of the use of Google’s C2 machines.
  • The host provides an application performance monitoring tool to help you easily identify website performance issues.
  • All plans come with free staging tools to test the site changes before making them live.

Cons of Kinsta

  • Kinsta has costlier hosting plans compared to its competition.
  • The host does not offer shared hosting solutions.
  • You will not receive unlimited storage with Kinsta’s hosting plans.

Media Temple overview

Media Temple has different plans for shared hosting, VPS hosting, and Managed WordPress hosting.

media temple services

Here are the pros and cons of choosing Media Temple as your host:

Pros of Media Temple

  • Media Temple offers affordable hosting plans.
  • Along with Managed WordPress hosting, the host also offers shared hosting plans.
  • Media Temple provides unlimited storage with many of its hosting plans.
  • The host offers the most popular control panel, cPanel to help you manage your websites.

Cons of Media Temple

  • The biggest con of using Media Temple is its association with GoDaddy, the most hated hosting provider. GoDaddy acquired the company in 2013, so it is quite unreliable now.
  • Media Temple has only a single data center location.
  • The host does not offer free website migration and charges a huge sum of $150 per site for the service.

As seen above, Kinsta is capable of offering far more benefits than Media Temple. Let’s delve deeper into Kinsta vs Media Temple comparison in our next section.

Kinsta vs Media Temple: Features

Here is a tabulated comparison of the main features offered by Kinsta and Media Temple for easier understanding:

Features Kinsta Media Temple
Global Data Centers 35 locations on 5 continents A single location
Pricing The cheapest plan costs $35 per month The cheapest plan costs $20 per month
Free Migrations Available Unavailable
Free Automatic backups Available with all plans without any size limits Available with Managed WordPress plans with a size limit of 1GB
Free DDoS Protection Available Unavailable
Multilingual Dashboard Available Unavailable (Note below)
Firewall Available Unavailable
Winner: Kinsta is the clear winner with so many powerful features available with its hosting plans.
Note: Media Temple has not mentioned the features of its dashboard anywhere on its website. So I contacted them to know about the languages it is available in. Here’s a screenshot of the chat where the customer support agent confirms the non-availability of a multilingual dashboard:
media temple dashboard

Kinsta vs Media Temple: Ease of Use

Now that you have an idea about the features available with the two hosts, let’s look at the user-friendliness of these platforms here:

Kinsta: Ease of Use

The account management dashboard and control panel from Kinsta has the following to offer:

Account management dashboard

Kinsta has a straightforward dashboard that allows you to handle multiple websites from the same place. It provides you with insights related to your account, including your resource usage, data transfer, and unique visits.

kinsta dashboard

Kinsta’s dashboard is extremely easy to use even for a beginner. The host has organized everything neatly on the left menu bar for faster access. You can use Kinsta’s dashboard in many languages other than English, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more.

The host allows a one-click WordPress installation from its dashboard itself. You will also find a wide variety of WordPress-specific tools for your website. Additionally, you can easily access phpMyAdmin and file manager.

kinsta ease of use

Control panel comparison

Instead of using any industry-standard control panel, Kinsta chose to make a custom one. The host mentions that it created a new control panel MyKinsta since it was dissatisfied with the ones available in the market.

Kinsta’s dashboard doubles up as its control panel so you don’t have to manage your hosting account and website from different places. One of the top software review sites, G2 declared MyKinsta the easiest panel to use.

g2 awards kinsta

Media Temple: Ease of Use

Here is what the account management dashboard and control panel from Media Temple has to offer:

Account management dashboard

As soon as you open an account with Media Temple, you will receive a link in the email that leads you to the account management dashboard of the host. This Media Temple account center is neatly designed with a professional look.

You can easily find out all the information related to your domains, billing, and other aspects of your account. The Media Temple dashboard also allows access to the File Manager, phpMyAdmin, and FTP Manager.

media temple dashboard

All in all, this dashboard is well-organized and makes it easy to find all the services. You can quickly access all the necessary tabs without any problems.

Control panel comparison

Unlike Kinsta, you will have to manage your hosting account and website from two different places with Media Temple. All the account-related settings and services are available on the dashboard while website-related settings are inside the control panel.

Media Temple offers the choice between the two most popular control panels – cPanel and Plesk with its hosting plans. So if you are already comfortable using any of these, it will be a huge advantage.

using cpanel with media temple

For the newbies, it is worthwhile to mention that both these control panels have highly intuitive user interfaces. They also allow you to install a wide variety of hosting tools with only a single click.

Winner: Kinsta is the winner when it comes to ease of managing your account. You can perform all activities from the same place without any hassles.

Kinsta vs Media Temple: Performance

The comparison of any two hosts can never be complete without checking out their performances. So here we compare Kinsta and Media Temple on different performance-related aspects:


The very first performance aspect concerns website speed. Let’s see what these hosts can deliver:

Kinsta speed

Kinsta is capable of providing faster website speed than its competitors, especially Media Temple. It is because Kinsta utilizes the power of Google’s infrastructure.

The Google Cloud servers, Compute-Optimized C2 machines, and Premium Tier Network – all help in faster data delivery.

Here is a screenshot of what Kinsta can deliver with the use of Google’s products:

kinsta speed

Additionally, Kinsta uses Cloudflare’s powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN) to considerably improve your website’s speed. The host also performs server-level caching to deliver faster performance.

Media Temple speed

Media Temple delivers an above-average speed for your website. Unlike Kinsta, Media Temple does not utilize the power of Google’s infrastructure. So, your website will comparatively be slower with Media Temple.

Also, you might not receive a free CDN with the host since it is available only with a few of its hosting plans. Again, it is a disadvantage for those receiving website visitors from different parts of the world.

kinsta vs media temple speed

Winner: Kinsta is the clear winner here since it uses a superior infrastructure to Media Temple to power its hosting.


Uptime is a measure of reliability offered by a host. Let’s compare the uptime offered by Media Temple and Kinsta in this section:

Kinsta uptime

Kinsta offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee with Service Level Agreement (SLA). The host monitors each website for uptime every two minutes. So you can expect uptime monitoring of your website with Kinsta 720 times per day!

kinsta uptime monitoring

You will receive free uptime monitoring with all hosting plans from Kinsta.

Media Temple uptime

Like Kinsta, Media Temple also offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. However, the host does not regularly monitor your website for uptime.

Media Temple does not offer free uptime monitoring with its hosting plans. You will have to pay a huge sum of $199 per month to secure this service as a premium add-on.

Kinsta vs Media Temple uptime tests

Winner: Because of the availability of free and constant website monitoring, Kinsta wins here.

Data Center Locations

The presence of data centers on different continents helps a host in establishing itself more powerfully in the hosting world. So it is important to check out the data center locations available with Media Temple and Kinsta.

Kinsta servers

Kinsta has a total of 35 server locations spread across five different continents. You can consider choosing a location in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, or Asia. The host allows you to select separate data centers for multiple websites.

kinsta server locations


Kinsta also provides a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) with all its hosting plans. It further covers more global regions and helps deliver instant website content to your site visitors.

Media Temple servers

Media Temple only has a single data center in the world which is located in the US. So if your target audience does not belong to the States, your website will take much longer to load at your visitor’s end.

Additionally, Media Temple does not offer a free CDN with all its hosting plans. So if your package doesn’t include it, you will have to purchase a CDN plan starting at $10 per month from the host.

media temple paid cdn

Winner: Kinsta is the undisputed winner in this section with multiple data center locations across the globe.

Kinsta vs Media Temple: Security

Let’s compare the Media Temple vs Kinsta security features here:


Kinsta automatically protects your website with Cloudflare’s firewall without you having to perform any configuration. Your website will also receive free DDoS protection, SSL certificates, and automated backups with the host.

Unlike many of its competitors, Kinsta does not charge you if your website gets infected. The hosting provider will fix it for free, no matter what the problem is.

kinsta security

Media Temple

Media Temple does not provide a free Web Application Firewall (WAF) with its hosting plans. You won’t even receive free SSL certificates, disaster recovery & management, and malware scanning & removal with the host.

However, Media Temple offers an add-on Security Pack that takes care of all these aspects. It comes with a price tag of $19 per month for a single website.

media temple premium security plans

You can also consider buying the standalone WAF service or SSL certificates from the host. Media Temple offers them as hosting add-ons.

Winner: Kinsta wins in the security comparison by offering multiple free security tools and services, unlike Media Temple.

Kinsta vs Media Temple: Support

This section talks about the available support channels, responsiveness, and the quality of support provided by Kinsta and Media Temple.


Kinsta offers 24/7 support via phone, live chat, and email. The existing customers can even chat with a Kinsta support agent from within their MyKinsta dashboards.

Kinsta support

Along with customer convenience, Kinsta also takes care of the time taken to resolve a query. The host’s customer service is extremely fast and has an average initial response time of under 2 minutes.

The host also has a highly-skilled WordPress expert team to resolve all your queries. You will receive prompt and detailed explanations for your issues, as shown in the screenshot below:

kinsta's quality support

Media Temple

Media Temple has a US-based support team available to help you via phone, contact form on the official website, and live chat. You can get in touch with the host from 5 AM to 7 PM pacific time.

media temple support

Unlike Kinsta, Media Temple’s customer support team isn’t quick to respond even when you contact them via live chat.

While writing this article, I wanted to get detailed information about Media Temple’s dashboard features. So I used the live chat feature and received the initial response in over 2 hours. Here is a screenshot for your reference:

media temple's support responsiveness

My experience, however, shows that the support staff is knowledgeable and has clear answers to your queries. Media Temple also offers Advanced Support services at premium prices. The rates of this service vary since it is a tiered support service.

media temple's premium advanced support

Winner: With its 24/7 availability and fast responsiveness, Kinsta wins the battle.

Kinsta vs Media Temple: Pricing plans

Both Kinsta and Media Temple offer hosting plans at above-average prices. Let’s find out which one is cheaper here:


Kinsta’s Managed WordPress hosting plans have a starting price tag of $35 per month. You will save 2-month’s hosting costs when going for yearly billing. This plan provides 10 GB of SSD storage.

Kinsta pricing

Media Temple

Media Temple’s entry-level shared hosting plan is available for $20 per month. But for a fair comparison, it is better to check out the prices of Managed WordPress plans.

The starting price of Managed WordPress hosting plans from Media Temple is $25 per month. Like Kinsta, yearly billing saves you 2-month’s worth of hosting costs. The plan comes with unlimited storage.

media temple pricing

Winner: Media Temple wins in the pricing comparison with lower hosting costs and the availability of unlimited storage.

Kinsta vs Media Temple: Customer Reviews

Kinsta received a customer rating of 4.3 on Trustpilot while Media Temple gets only 1.8 stars for the service it delivers. Here are some Kinsta vs Media Temple reviews from existing customers:

Kinsta Reviews

kinsta customer review

kinsta review on trustpilot

experience at kinsta

Media Temple Reviews

media temple review

media temple after godaddy acquisition

experience at media temple

Final Verdict

Kinsta is the overall winner in our Kinsta vs Media Temple comparison. It has more powerful features, and superior support, and delivers better performance than Media Temple.

Use Kinsta if:

  • Server speed and reliability are very important for your website.
  • You do not have the time, knowledge, or willingness to handle the technical aspects of server management.
  • You are extremely serious about your online project and plan to make money out of it.
  • You are building an eCommerce store or want to host a medium to large WordPress site with the potential to receive high traffic.

Use Media Temple if:

  • You have a limited budget.
  • Your target audience is majorly located in California (US West).
  • You plan to run an application only for testing purposes.
  • You want to host a small WordPress website with limited content.

If you are still confused about which host is right for your needs, share some information about your online project in the comment section below and I’ll be happy to help!

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