Sydney VPS Hosting (#10 Best of 2023)

There are a lot of VPS hosting services available. However, when it comes to data centers locations, only a few companies have data centers in Sydney.

If you have a major amount of traffic coming from Australia, you might want to go with the VPS that has a data center in Australia. So, we are here with the best Sydney VPS hosting providers.

These are the VPS providers that have a data center in Sydney, the largest city in Australia. We have covered all types of servers.

Let’s begin the list and see which one is best for you.

#10 BEST Sydney VPS hosting providers

#1 Digital Pacific


The best Sydney VPS hosting that you can go with is Digital Pacific. It’s an Australian-based hosting company where you can find great features. They have self-managed and managed (Cpanel-based) VPS.

You can go with any of them as per your wish. It’s not just limited to Linux VPS, you can also choose Windows if you want. They care a lot about security. So, you will get the best security features like DDoS protection, disaster recovery, and network monitoring.

You get complete control over your server. You can reboot it anytime you want. There are many extra services (paid) that you can choose from. It includes daily backups, SSL, and many more. You will get Australian phone support. The support is quite limited if you go with self-managed hosting. However, they do have many help articles if you are a beginner. So, you can take help from the articles if needed. The articles are helpful.

Starting price: Starts at 31.90 AUD per month for self-managed hosting (Roughly $24)

Data Centers: Sydney

Uptime: 99.9%

Storage: Starts from to 25 to 150 GB SSD RAID Storage

RAM: 2 to 12 GB

#2 Crucial

Crucial gives a lot of options to everyone looking for an Australian server. Here, you can choose from self-managed, self-managed with cPanel, or you can go with a fully managed VPS server with cPanel. Not to mention, there are Windows and Linux plans available. They also have SSD SAN storage. This is where you will get better performance and storage. The pricing difference is a lot more. The affordable VPS package is the Linux VPS.

It comes with 10 different OS to choose from. The server is fully configurable. The best thing is that there are no contracts. So, if you are not sure about the plan, you can still try this VPS for a short time. There is no setup cost and you will get basic security features like DDoS protection. You will also get instant and free setup here. You can request migration if you want.

crucial sydney
Starting price: $11 (AUD) for Linux VPS (Roughly $8.25)

Data Centers: Sydney

Uptime: 99.9%

Storage: 15 to 1000 GB SSD Storage

RAM: 1 to 96 GB

#3 Vultr

Vultr is a cloud platform where you can host your web app. It is quite popular and known for the infrastructure cloud. They have 19 data centers locations where you can host your website. One of them is Australia. This is the main reason why this VPS is on the list. The performance here is great. You will get a 100% uptime SLA here. Here, you will get a lot of configuration options. You can choose from a lot of operating systems. Further, Vultr also allows you to upload ISO files for the OS.

Many people find it a bit hard to manage Vultr all on its own. In this case, you can check out the next VPS provider. They have a marketplace for all the apps.

You can also use their powerful API. The server management is easier for a beginner too. Let’s learn more about Vultr VPS.

vultr sydney

Starting price: $2.5 per month for a compute instance (Roughly 3.33 AUD)

Data Centers: Sydney and 18 other locations across the globe.

Uptime: 100% SLA

Storage: 10 to 1600 GB SSD Storage

RAM: 0.5 to 96 GB

#4 Cloudways

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting with various data center partners. They have partnered up with Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode, AWS, and Google Cloud. So, if you register at Cloudways, you can choose from any of these data centers. Your data will be hosted at the chosen data center while you can manage your hosting directly from Cloudways. Not to mention, it’s managed to host. So, there are almost nothings that you need to worry about.

It’s a great platform for anyone looking for simplicity, scalability, and performance. Talking about the Australian data center, you can choose any data center except Digital Ocean. All the other data center partners have servers in Australia. So, you can choose any cloud partner and have an Australian server. We recommend going with “Linode” or “Vultr” as they are the most affordable providers.

cloudways sydney

Starting price: $12 a month (Roughly 16 AUD)

Data Centers: Sydney and 60 other locations. (Sydney is only available in Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud).

Uptime: 99.99%

Storage: Depends on the data center partner.

RAM: Depends on the data center partner.

#5 ARZHost

ARZHost is a great Sydney VPS hosting to go for if you have a new website. When you buy for the first time, they will provide a massive discount. The unlimited traffic feature is yet another excellent thing you will get here. As a complimentary service, you will get Pro DDoS protection. You can choose the additional IP address, storage, etc directly when you are buying the server. There are many other server locations available along with Sydney.

It has an affordable price with a lot of features which makes it one of the best Sydney VPS services. The security is great and so is the support. You can contact the support anytime you want. They use OpenStack KVM which will again enhance the performance and make it easier to scale up the server whenever needed. Therefore, you can consider ARZHost for scalability.

arzhost sydney

Starting price: 11.69 AUD ($8.50)

Data Centers: Sydney and 7 others

Uptime: 100% uptime

Storage: 20 to 640 GB SSD NVMe

RAM: 2 to 32 GB

#6 GoDedicated

GoDedicated has 4 data centers located across the globe. One of the data centers is in Australia. We are going to talk about them here. It’s a great VPS for the people who have a small website. They have a limited number of plans which makes it hard to scale. However, if you are running a small website and want to go with the affordable Sydney VPS hosting, this is the best hosting to go with.

You will surely get DDoS protection and great customer support. Extra bandwidth can be added if required. They have game-ready servers. So, if you are planning to host your game, GoDedicated can be a nice choice. There is one more similar hosting provider you can go with, you can surely check out the next option in that case.

godedicated sydney
Starting price: 10 AUD ($7.50). You can choose the preferred currency from the cart.

Data Centers: Sydney and 3 global locations.

Uptime: 99.95% SLA uptime

Storage: 20 to 80 GB SSD

RAM: 1 to 8 GB

#7 Streamline Servers

StreamlineServers, as the name says, it’s a streaming server hosting. If you are planning to host a game or streaming website/app, you can go with Streamline Servers. It’s great even for regular websites. The interface and the work are quite similar to GoDedicated. In some cases, StreamlineServers is better than GoDedicated. However, there is no uptime guarantee here.

They have various data centers locations. If you are planning to go with an Australian server but don’t just have your eyes set on Sydney, you will get 5 other Australian options here. Along with these, there are other global locations to choose from. They have many VPS types like game servers, voice servers, unmetered servers, etc. You can choose your favorite server as per your requirement.

streamline servers sydney
Starting price: 10 AUD ($7.50). You can choose the preferred currency from the cart.

Data Centers: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Auckland, and other global servers.

Uptime: 100%

Storage: 20 to 80 GB SSD

RAM: 1 to 8 GB

#8 FastComet

A few of the above servers were self-managed VPS, if you are looking for a fully managed VPS, FastComet is the right choice for you. It’s an SSD-only VPS where you can host your website. It has every single thing that you will need starting from high performance to incredible support. The only reason why it’s in the 8th spot on the list is because of the price. It’s quite expensive because of the features and performance.

There are many extra things you will get here. You can choose from various panels. It also has 24/7 support along with automatic backups. It comes with FastGuard security (along with other security features), Rocket booster, Cloudflare CDN, and server monitoring. This ensures that the performance is great. FastComet also has great scalability.

fastcomet sydney
Starting price: $41.95 (Roughly 56 AUD)

Data Centers: Sydney and 8 other global locations.

Uptime: 99.9% uptime and 100% network guarantee (They also have a 100% fully transparency guarantee)

Storage: 50 to 320 GB SSD

RAM: 2 to 16 GB RAM

#9 Linode

The next Sydney VPS hosting is Linode. They have many data centers across the globe to choose from. It’s one of the most reliable cloud networks you can go with. Usually, people have a problem with unpredictable pricing when it comes to cloud VPS. Linode solves that problem by giving predictable pricing. You will have an estimate on how much you will have to pay next month. Of course, you can also go with the fixed pricing.

It not only includes free DDoS protection but you will also get alerts. It’s easy to use and manage. They have a shared CPU that will cost you $5 a month (for dedicated it’s $30). If you are an advanced developer, then Linode is for you.

Also worth mentioning, they have a managed hosting service, where you will also get a 24/7 incident response team. Even a shared CPU will do the job but if you want all the resources reserved for yourself, you can go with a dedicated CPU.

linode sydney
Starting price: $30 per month for dedicated CPU and $5 for shared CPU (Roughly 40 AUD and 6.65 AUD respectively)

Data Centers: Sydney and 10 other global locations

Uptime: 99.99% compute uptime

Storage: You can configure it.

RAM: You can configure it.

#10 VPSBlocks (Honorable Mention)

The last VPS you can go with is VPS Blocks. The reason why we have mentioned it in the honorable mention is because of the server location. Don’t worry, the server location is still in Australia but it’s not in Sydney. They have a data center in Melbourne. So, if you are fine with this, you can surely go with VPSBlocks. The VPS is fully configurable. You can choose from various operating systems and configure other resources as well.

They have self-healing failover. In simpler words, if something goes wrong, it will automatically be mounted to another VPS. So, your server will not fail. This is something that we love about VPSBlocks. They have great security with server monitoring. You will also get Australian support. With all these, it’s worth considering VPSBlocks as well. If you want Sydney as your data center, you can surely consider any above given options.

vps blocks sydney
Starting price: AUD 12.50 (Roughly $9.4)

Data Centers: Melbourne

Uptime: 99.99%

Storage: You can configure it.

RAM: You can configure it.


To conclude, these are the best VPS hosting providers you can go with.

  • Digital Pacific and Crucial are Australia-based hosting providers. So, if you have that requirement, you can choose anyone from the first two.
  • On the other hand, if you want a managed service that has a lot of features and easy scalability, you can consider Cloudways.
  • Cloudways allows you to choose from 4 cloud partners (Vultr, Linode, AWS, and Google Cloud). They also have easy scalability options and the pricing is affordable.
  • Not to mention, if you are looking for Sydney VPS at a low cost, you can go with Vultr or Cloudways.

Lastly, it’s surely your choice on which server you are choosing. You can surely share your favorite Sydney VPS in the comment below. It will also help other users by sharing your experiences.

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