A2Hosting Server Location (2024)

A2 Hosting is an American web hosting provider offering a wide variety of high-performing plans catering to the needs of small website owners and large business websites alike. You will find hosting plans ranging from pocket-friendly shared hosting to premium-priced dedicated servers and everything in between. This way the host allows you to scale easily as your website grows.

Importance of choosing a specific server location

Since we are today going to discuss the data centers of A2 Hosting, you must know why we are doing that! It is very important to choose a specific server location for your website depending on the audience you are targeting. Let’s understand this with an example here:

Imagine you are sitting in Canada, targeting a niche audience in the UK, and getting your website hosted on a US server. Your reason for hosting your website on a US server could be your proximity to the nation or your belief that the US servers will be faster than the ones in the UK or any other such reason. But the fact is, your website will load faster for your audience when the server is located closer to your targeted audience. So, in our example, getting your website hosted on a UK server will be more beneficial for your website’s growth.

Also, the data center you choose will directly impact the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website. Search engine crawlers or Google algorithms will determine the location of your website from the location of your website server thereby ranking it higher in and around that region. So if you are targeting a specific country, try to secure a server closest to it.

A2 Hosting server location

A2 Hosting has its servers located at four different locations giving you a handful of options to host your website closer to your audience. Michigan in the US is home to the host’s primary data center. The other data center locations are:

  • Arizona in the US
  • Amsterdam in Europe
  • Singapore in Asia

Strengths of A2 Hosting data centers

You can confidently host your important data, files, and websites on the servers provided by A2 Hosting since the host ensures the safety of your content at all times. Here are some benefits you receive with A2 Hosting data centers:

  • A2 Hosting is the exclusive owner of all of its servers thereby providing you with ultra-reliable and high-powered web servers for the excellent performance of your website.
  • All the host servers are carefully examined 24/7/365 by the expert engineers of A2 Hosting.
  • All the data centers are backed by SwiftServer’s Quadruple Redundant Network that protects your website from going offline even when your website server goes down.
  • Servers at A2 Hosting can successfully handle sudden and unexpected traffic spikes since all their data centers are scalable. They can also protect your website from DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks that tend to flood traffic to your web server thereby negatively impacting your website performance or making it go offline.

The security offered by A2 Hosting datacenters

The data centers of A2 Hosting are SSAE16 certified i.e. all their internal operations are audited regularly. Additionally, the security measures followed by the host at its physical data centers include:

  • Video surveillance of the servers.
  • Gated parking lot giving access to officials only via security key.
  • A security key is again required to enter the data center.
  • Server racks are fully enclosed inside the data centers.
  • These server racks are again locked and can only be accessed by a security key.

Other measures taken to securely save your data on A2 Hosting servers include:

  • Use of static-free flooring.
  • A closely regulated environment with 68 degrees Fahrenheit temperature inside all the data centers.
  • Humidity levels are maintained between 30 to 40% inside the centers.

Redundant Network offered by A2 Hosting

All the data centers of A2 Hosting are backed by SwiftServer’s Quadruple Redundant Network. A redundant network is an additional line of communication or network device added to a host’s resources to keep a backup system ready at all times. It helps eliminate the risk of a single point of failure along the data path thereby ensuring network availability, stability, and uptime 24/7/365 for your website.

So the redundant network offered by A2 Hosting protects your website from going offline even when your website server goes down. It features a dual fiber entrance and multihomed network connectivity to keep you covered in case the speed of one network slows down or stops completely.

The redundant power supply offered by A2 Hosting features:

300kVA UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

It allows the host’s server to run on a backup power source when the primary power source is unavailable for any reason. The UPS battery also protects the server from power surges.

480V 3-Phase industrial power for data center

It is the most popular power system used in the industrial plants of the US because of its excellent performance. The data centers of A2 Hosting are powered with a 480V 3-Phase power system since it is more efficient in providing the same power with less current. This, in turn, helps the host save on energy bills and transfer the savings to you in the form of affordable hosting prices.

1200 AMP – 48 DC power plant

It is an additional backup power source in case the connection to the primary power source is lost.

750kVA Cummins diesel generator

Again, it is a backup generator that ensures to provide an uninterrupted power supply to your website server.

20A 120VAC UPS circuit

This UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) circuit again takes care of the server in case of power failure or voltage fluctuations to provide backup power in case of need.

Provision of Speed test on the official A2 Hosting website

A2 Hosting allows you to test the speed of all its servers on its official website. You can choose to use the internal speed tester of A2 Hosting or click on the links to test the server speeds by a Third Party called V-Speed.


A2 Hosting is a performance-driven hosting provider with its data centers located in the US, Europe, and Asia. It focuses on providing super-fast speed and all-time backup to your website for excellent uninterrupted performance.

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