Bluehost Yoast SEO Premium

bluehost yoast seo premium

Are you planning to buy a Bluehost hosting plan and thinking about what Bluehost Yoast SEO Premium is? If yes, you stumbled on the correct page to find more about this Bluehost add-on. Here I’ll discuss everything about the Bluehost Yoast SEO Premium add-on including its features and benefits. We’ll also look at the cost … Read more

Contabo Server Locations

contabo server locations

Are you searching for the nearest Contabo server location for a faster website? If yes, you are in luck! Contabo offers multiple server locations around the globe for your convenience. Here I’ll be covering all the Contabo server locations in different continents. You will get to know about the prices of Contabo servers and their … Read more

Cheap Windows VPS Singapore

cheap windows vps singapore

Are you looking for a cheap Windows VPS in Singapore? Has your website outgrown shared hosting? It is time to switch to a VPS! It would help if you had more processing power and access to custom resources. VPS supports traffic hikes and provides your business room to grow. Here is a handpicked list of … Read more

Cheap 8 core VPS

cheap 8 core vps

Looking for a cheap 8-core VPS to run high-intensive apps? It’s a bit difficult to find such VPS servers. You need to look for a server that provides optimal performance, and the VPS should be using high standard hardware as well. The list includes the best VPS providers that offer 8 or more CPU cores. … Read more

Why is Bluehost so expensive?

why is bluehost so expensive

Are you wondering why is Bluehost so expensive? If yes, you are at the right place because here I’m addressing this question in great detail. I’ll be covering the hosting costs involved, the discounts available with the host, and some cheaper Bluehost alternatives. In the end, I’ll also be answering the most frequently raised queries … Read more

HostGator Email Sending Limits

hostgator email sending limits

Is your business engaged with an email outreach program or requires sending email newsletters regularly? You need to know that every shared hosting provider has a specific limit on sending emails. Mostly, these emails are sent daily and even on an hourly basis or per minute. Some hosting providers block your account if you run bulk email campaigns … Read more

HostGator Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

hostgator bandwidth limit exceeded

Many hosting providers, including HostGator, offer unlimited bandwidth these days. It is especially beneficial for high-traffic websites or the ones that receive sudden traffic spikes. But is this hosting truly unlimited? Are you already using HostGator services and received a notice stating “HostGator Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” from the host? If yes, let’s find out the … Read more

WPEngine Email Hosting

WP Engine Email Hosting test image 1

Are you planning to buy WP Engine WordPress hosting and looking for a professional email as well? In most cases, it is easier to purchase your web hosting and email hosting plan as a package. So if you are looking for such a deal from the host, let’s explore the options you have. This article … Read more

HTTP2 hosting

http2 hosting

Looking for a faster-loading website? You should shift to HTTP2 hosting. It’s an advanced version of HTTP that increases the performance of your website. We will see shared hosting, VPS providers, and managed cloud services as well. People use HTTP/2 to increase the speed of their website. In some hosting services, you will have to … Read more

Hostinger Email Sending Limit

hostinger email sending limit

So you are searching for the Hostinger email sending limit? To your luck, this article will answer your query! I currently use Hostinger’s hosting services but only for testing purposes for now. I was looking for a reliable email provider and had high expectations from Hostinger. But I’m disappointed with the email service offered by … Read more

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