Hostinger Inode Limit

hostinger inode limit

Are you experiencing certain issues with your hosting because your inodes have exceeded the limit? Well, if you are unable to upload new data to your Hostinger account or your website performance has declined recently and you are searching for the Hostinger inode limit, then you are at the right place. This article covers everything … Read more

Best VPS 1 Gbps unlimited bandwidth (2022)

vps 1 gbps unlimited bandwidth

If you run a streaming service, you will need at least a VPS with 1 Gbps unlimited bandwidth. There are many other websites where similar specs might be required such as torrent seeding websites, VPN, or SaaS websites. So, we will see the best VPS 1 Gbps unlimited bandwidth. Here are the best VPS you … Read more

Best Anonymous VPS hosting (2022)

Best Anonymous VPS hosting

VPS hosting separates your website files from the files of other users by providing it with a secure container environment within the server. It ensures guaranteed server resources along with enhancing your privacy. But if you are looking to further enhance your privacy, this article is just for you. You can achieve complete privacy with … Read more

RDP vs VPS – What Are the Differences?

rdp vs vps

This article compares the two different types of computer networking solutions, namely RDP vs VPS. If you are confused between these two networking systems, read on to find out the differences between them in detail here. What is an RDP? RDP expands to Remote Desktop Protocol which is a proprietary technology of Microsoft. It provides … Read more

Is Namecheap Premium DNS worth it?

is namecheap premium dns worth it

If you recently bought your domain name from Namecheap, you must have noticed a recommended subscription option of Premium DNS offered by the host. It guarantees 100% server uptime along with many other benefits. Being a user of Namecheap, I know the ins and outs of the services offered by the company. Through this article, … Read more

Cheap Windows VPS Europe

cheap windows vps europe

Shared hosting services are great until your website starts growing. Once your website starts growing, the website becomes extremely slow and takes forever to load. That’s exactly where you will have to look for another solution. So, what’s the best solution in that case? The answer is cheap VPS Windows hosting. But, you can’t go … Read more

GoDaddy Premium DNS review

godaddy premium dns review

Have you recently found out about GoDaddy Premium DNS and want to know more about it? Here is an honest and detailed review of this add-on service offered by GoDaddy. Whenever you log in to your GoDaddy account to check a domain, you receive a security warning from the host every time. This warning mentions … Read more

GoDaddy Email Hosting Review (2022)

Godaddy Email Cost

GoDaddy uses a single email system called to manage the emails of all its customers. You might experience regular slowdowns or outages due to the use of a centralized system for a large number of clients. GoDaddy email is, therefore, infamous for deliverability problems where your emails might either end up in spam folders … Read more

Cheapest NVMe Cloud Server Hosting

cheapest nvme cloud server

If you want your visitors to have faster access to the data, you should favor NVMe SSDs instead of regular drives. It increases the speed between the storage system and server, allowing your users to access your web app at a better speed. When it comes to NVMe servers, I have used Vultr and Cloudways. … Read more

HostGator Hacked Website – How To Fix it?

hostgator hacked website

Do you have single or multiple websites that keep getting hacked? Does your server get compromised quite often? The reason could be that your web host is experiencing security breaches because of insufficient server security. But in 95% of hacking cases, the vulnerability lies at the end of the website owner. It means that you … Read more

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