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Are you searching for free Google Ads credit? Did you know HostGator offers it for free with its hosting service? But is it available for everyone and all HostGator plans? Let’s dig deeper to find out.

After going through this article, you’ll be familiar with HostGator Google AdWords credit, its benefits, and the process to claim it.

We’ll also cover the alternate sources to avail free Google Ads credit while addressing your most frequently asked questions towards the end.

But first, let’s find out more about this HostGator credit in our next section.

NOTE: Instead of a $100 credit, HostGator now offers a $500 Google AdWords credit with its plans. However, you must spend $500 on the Google Ads platform before using the free credits.

What is HostGator Google AdWords Credit?

The Google AdWords credit by HostGator is the free amount offered by the host to spend on online advertising through the Google AdWords platform.

claim google adwords credit

Google AdWords, rebranded as Google Ads, is an advertising program from the biggest tech giant, Google. It allows you to display digital ads to reach new customers and increase your sales and business exposure.

Under this service, Google recommends your products to people searching for similar items online. You can set your keywords or search terms to show your ad to the relevant audience.

If you want to know more about Google Ads, check out this welcome video from the platform itself.

Features & Benefits of HostGator Ads Credits

Now that you are aware of HostGator Ads Credit let’s look at its features and benefits below:

Free marketing: HostGator provides you with free credits to use on the Google Ads platform. Instead of spending money on your marketing efforts, you can utilize these ad credits for digital advertisement.

Thus, you’ll save a lot of money with the free ad credit.

Here’s how you apply your free HostGator credit coupon on the Google Ads platform:

redeem google ads coupon

Increased business exposure: HostGator Ads credit lets you advertise your business on different Google products, including Search, YouTube, and Shopping.

It helps your business get additional exposure as the digital marketing platform displays your ad to search engine users.

Google receives over a billion search queries monthly, and your business can benefit from these users. With the availability of different types of ads, you can further increase your business exposure.

different google ads options
Targeted ads: Google AdWords Credit from HostGator empowers you to target specific people. Google shares with you its search data to assist in planning your advertising campaigns and creating targeted ads.

You can, therefore, select your ad audience based on their search behaviors and other factors. This way, your ad appears on Google when someone searches for a similar product or service.

targeting audience in google ads
Result-oriented: HostGator AdWords credit is consumed based on the results it brings in for your business. Google charges you only when people view your ad, click it, or interact with it in some other way.

Therefore, your ad credit will be utilized only against tangible results. You can even track these results from your Google Ads dashboard and modify your marketing strategy and Google Ad campaign accordingly.

tracking results with google ads

Things to consider before buying

Before buying any hosting plan from HostGator to receive free Google AdWords credit, you must check out these important considerations:

  • This HostGator offer is available only to shared hosting customers in the US through the host’s Customer Portal.
  • You must be a new Google Ads customer to redeem this free credit.
  • You will receive free $500 Google Ads credit only after you spend $500 on the AdWords platform.
  • Your Google AdWords credit will expire within 60 days of its application to your Google Ads account.
  • You need to comply with the Google Ads terms and conditions mentioned on the official page of the digital advertising platform here.
NOTE: HostGator also provides a $100 Microsoft Advertising credit with its shared hosting plans to its customers in the US and Canada. You can redeem them after spending $25 on the Microsoft Ad platform.

hostgator microsoft ads credit

How do I get a $500 Google credit from HostGator?

You need to purchase a shared hosting plan from HostGator to receive free Google credit. Ensure to check your eligibility (discussed above) and follow all the conditions specified by Google.

Then, follow these steps to get $500 Google Ad credit from HostGator:

Step 1: Log in to your HostGator Customer Portal here.

Step 2: Enter the “Marketplace” tab.

Step 3: Click the “Claim Free Credit” button under the “Google Ads Credit” section.

claiming hostgator google ads credit
That’s it! You now have free HostGator Google AdWords Credit to redeem on the digital marketing platform.

Alternatives to HostGator $500 Google AdWords Credit

HostGator Ads credit is a sign-up bonus for those who never had a Microsoft Ads or Google Ads account. So don’t do it if you plan to sign up with HostGator only to have free ad credits.

You can easily acquire free Google Ads credit from sources other than HostGator. Thus, when you don’t need hosting services, you don’t have to sign up with HostGator only for the ad credit.

Directly from Google Ads: Google Ads platform offers free credit for new customers. Getting your ad credit directly from Google is best if you do not require hosting services. The company also provides the same amount of credits as HostGator.

Therefore, you’ll get free Google Ads credit worth $500 when you spend $500 on ads on the platform.

google ads free $500 credit
Website Builders: Website Builders like Wix also give free Google Ads credit with their new Premium plans. Consider opting for all-in-one site builder tools when you do not want to build a WordPress website from scratch.

Like HostGator, Wix also offers free $500 in Google Ads credit. The platform provides an integrated solution that connects your Google Ads campaign to your Wix website.

It allows you to create and manage your ad directly from your website’s dashboard.

The redemption terms for this credit remain the same. So you will have to spend $500 on ads before redeeming this Wix Google Ads credit voucher.

setting up google ads campaign
Other Hosting Providers: A few other hosting providers also provide free Google Ads credit, like HostGator. Thus, if you are unsure about signing up with HostGator, you can check out hosting plans from Bluehost or iPage.

Bluehost offers free Google AdWords credit worth $150, whereas iPage provides a $100 ad credit after you spend $25 on ads.

bluehost google ads credit
Google Ad Grants: If you run a non-profit business instead of a for-profit one, getting free ad credit from the Google Ad Grants program is the best option.

The company offers free Google Ads credit of up to $10,000 monthly for qualifying organizations. Such a big monthly credit amount will truly skyrocket your fundraising efforts.

google ad grants for nonprofits


HostGator Google Ads credit is only a free voucher for buying Google Ads. The company’s trick is to get you on board and pay for its hosting.

Both HostGator and Google Ads acquire new customers with this offer. Additionally, you’ll have to spend $500 on the AdWords platform to receive the $500 ad credit from HostGator.

It is primarily a cheap marketing trick that prompts you to sign up and buy ads.

google ads $500 credit offer

Do you have any further queries concerning AdWords credit from HostGator? Share them in the comment section below, and we’ll gladly clear all your doubts.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there a Google Ads credit for HostGator?

Yes, there is a Google Ads credit for HostGator. You will receive a $500 AdWords credit with its shared hosting plans. But it is available only to US customers via the HostGator Customer Portal.

You can utilize this credit only after spending $500 on the Google Ads platform.

Does HostGator have ads?

Yes, HostGator does have ads. It offers Google Ads credit of $500 and Microsoft Ads credit of $100 with its shared hosting plans. However, these HostGator ad credits are available only to US customers.

Also, you must be a new Microsoft ads or Google ads customer to redeem them.

Is Google Ads credit free?

Yes, Google Ads credit is free with HostGator. But you must purchase HostGator hosting, sign up with Google Ads and spend $500 on the platform to claim the free HostGator Google Ads credit worth $500.

Alternatively, you can also get free Google Ads credit from sources other than HostGator.

Is Microsoft or Bing Ad credits free?

Yes, HostGator also provides free Microsoft Ads credit and Google Ads credit. You will receive a $100 Microsoft Ads credit with your shared hosting plan from the host.

But you must spend $25 on Microsoft Ads upfront to redeem this HostGator Microsoft Ads credit offer.

How do I claim Google Ads credit?

If you are a HostGator shared hosting customer from the US, follow this route to claim your $500 Google Ads credit:

HostGator Customer Portal > Marketplace > Google Ads Credit > Claim Free Credit

Now you can redeem this credit on the Google Ads platform following all the rules of the offer.

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