How much traffic can Netlify handle?

Netlify is one of the fastest ways to combine tools and build sites, but how much traffic can Netlify handle?

If you spend time combining the APIs and deploying them on Netlify, it’s important to know whether the platform can handle your expected traffic.

This guide will answer the top questions you might have, such as:

  • Can Netlify handle huge amounts of traffic?
  • What are the realistic expectations for the handling of high-traffic sustained for submissions?
  • What happens if Netlify’s post capacity is reached? What type of error message is shown to the end user?

Let’s dive in!

netlify traffic capacity

How much traffic can Netlify handle?

We will begin by addressing your most important question: How much traffic can be handled by Netlify? Well, it depends on the plan you choose. The base plan has a limited amount of traffic you can get, whereas the premium plans have more.

Here is the amount of traffic it can handle:

  • Free plan: 100 GB bandwidth per month month
  • Pro plan: 1 TB bandwidth per month
  • Business plan: 1.5 TB bandwidth per month

netlify bandwidth traffic limit

Netlify doesn’t limit the number of visitors you can have each month, and they only measure the bandwidth.

You can have roughly 20,000 visitors a month for the free plan with a 100 GB bandwidth limit.

The best part is that these are just soft limits. Therefore, you can expect a bit more visitors.

If you are expecting more traffic, Netlify can easily handle that. However, you must either upgrade your plan or buy more bandwidth.

They can handle thousands of traffic at once if you are within the bandwidth limits. So, even if you expect a lot of traffic in a few seconds (peak minutes/hours), Netlify won’t disappoint you.

Did you notice how we use the term “visitors” and not “pageviews”? It’s because Netlify has amazing caching features on the client side, which helps you save a lot of bandwidth for existing visitors.

As you might have guessed, using Cloudflare here is not essential. Netlify has a powerful CDN to help you handle more traffic.

How many sites can you have on Netlify for free?

You can host up to 500 sites on all the plans. Unlike other websites, even Netlify’s free plan allows you to host 500 sites.

Usually, similar website plans only allow you to host 1 website in a free plan. This is not the case over here. Therefore, you can enjoy the free plan even if you are a beginner.

It’s not even an issue for big players, as the majority of developers or entrepreneurs will have a maximum of 500 websites. So, the limit is more than enough to satisfy your needs.

However, if you want to host more than 500 sites, you can contact their team to see what they can do about this.

500 plus sites on netlify

Please note you can only have 10 domains from Netlify. You must buy domains from external websites to host more than 10 domains.

What happens if I exceed my plan’s limits?

Now that you know how much traffic Netlify can handle, let’s discuss what happens if you exceed your plan’s limits.

For the bandwidth, if you run out of the limit, they will apply the additional bandwidth addon. Their main aim is to serve your visitors. So, rather than cutting you off, they will automatically apply the pack (addon).

The additional pack will cost you some money, and you will be charged ($55 per 100GB) for the extra bandwidth.

Now, if you don’t have a card or payment method set up, the company will notify you first. You don’t need to worry here, as Netlify will update you regularly if you are about to expire your bandwidth limit.

Even if you hit the limit and don’t have a payment method, they will give you a grace period.

They use the same process for all their metered features, including build minutes, forms, functions, etc.

You will be charged on the level 1 instance. For build minutes, the rate is $7 per 500. so this pack will be applied automatically. In the same way, you can find pricing for “level 1” for forms, functions, analytics, and more.

They understand your needs and have been working for the same. Previously, Netlify had a lower bandwidth limit of 400 GB and 600 GB on the pro and business plans, which is now increased to 1 TB and 1.5 TB, respectively.

exceeding bandwidth limit in netlify

Previously, users had a few issues with the bandwidth. However, now as they have increased the bandwidth by more than 2x. Netlify has become a great choice to host your web app or site.

When to use Netlify? (based on traffic)

Netlify is suited for any number of traffic. If you are new and not expecting more traffic, their free starter plan is enough.

However, they also have their enterprise (custom) plan if you expect traffic in millions. This is where you can talk to their customer support, and they will create a custom plan to suit your needs.

It’s worth keeping these answers handy when you are reaching out to their customer support.

  • Why do visitors come to your site?
  • What pattern do your visitors take? (sort of actions on the site)
  • How heavy is your site’s average page load?

netlify plans price and description

You can choose any of the two paid plans for all the other mid-sized businesses. They have an addon for almost all the features, so you won’t face any issues in scaling up.

If Netlify features meet your needs, you should surely register for the same. The free plan will let you explore the platform before committing to a paid plan.


To answer how much traffic can be handled by Netlify, we can keep in mind their bandwidth. The bandwidth for starter, pro, and business plans are 100 GB, 1 TB, and 1.5 TB, respectively. Their extra bandwidth pack costs $55 for 100 GB.

Netlify is generous when it comes to hosting your website, and they have horizontal and vertical scalability, which is excellent. We recommend you start with the base plan and upgrade whenever needed.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Netlify’s starter plan free forever?

Yes, Netlify’s starter plan is free forever, and it’s not a trial plan. You will only have to pay if you exceed the current limit. In that case, you will be charged for extra add-ons such as additional bandwidth, more build minutes, etc.

Does Netlify have limits?

Yes, Netlify has various limits on websites, bandwidth, members, etc. Depending on your chosen plan, you may even get limits on forms, identity, media, analytics, etc.

Is Netlify hosting fast?

Yes, Netlify provides incredible speed in all locations across the globe.

Is Netlify good for production?

Yes, Netlify is good for production as you will get all the features, and scaling up is easy and automated. Therefore, your website won’t face downtime.

Does Netlify sell Domains?

Yes, you can register a domain name through Netlify. However, you can’t transfer a domain from another registrar to Netlify. You can surely transfer it out if needed.

You can even use Netlify if your domain is externally registered.

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