Is 10GB bandwidth enough for a website?

Are you launching your website with a 10GB bandwidth plan? But is 10GB bandwidth enough for a website? Well, you will not need a lot of bandwidth when launching a new site.

However, if you plan to offer music and movie downloads, consider looking for more bandwidth. The same goes well if you have a good social standing and expect to receive plenty of visitors.

No matter what, you must choose a host that allows upgrading your bandwidth as and when necessary.

Let’s dig deeper into the website bandwidth requirements in our next section.

Is 10GB bandwidth enough for a website?

Yes, 10GB bandwidth is enough for the majority of websites. It is more than sufficient for a small and medium-sized website containing limited media content.

bandwidth needs of small websites

On the other hand, 10GB bandwidth will be insufficient for larger websites carrying loads of content and web pages. The same applies if you have an online magazine or a news portal having lots of videos and pictures on different web pages.

In these scenarios, you might have to go for a larger plan with more bandwidth and space.

You must always remember that bandwidth usage depends on the traffic your website receives. 10GB bandwidth is enough to handle your website traffic when you are expecting to receive 15-20k monthly visitors.

How much bandwidth is needed for a website?

In the beginning, 5GB is enough for your website if you are not uploading videos to it. A website that majorly adds textual content does not require a lot of bandwidth.

Suppose your web pages are equal to or less than 50KB in size. In such a case, a 5GB bandwidth is sufficient to manage up to 20,000 visits.

Bandwidth doesn’t decide the size of a website. Web storage and bandwidth are two different terms in the hosting industry. The total size of the content you upload to your server determines your storage requirements.

And the amount of data that your site visitors access decides your bandwidth needs.

web storage and bandwidth

Here’s a table showing the required website bandwidth based on your expected daily page loads:

Page loads per day Page loads per month Required Bandwidth
100 3000 6GB
500 15000 30GB
1000 30000 60GB
2000 60000 120GB

As shown in the table above, a website will demand more bandwidth when it becomes popular. 5 to 10GB bandwidth is enough for a smaller site receiving up to 5,000 loads a month.

However, it will require 60GB of bandwidth when it starts receiving 30,000 monthly visits.

NOTE: Always remember that you need more bandwidth than storage for your website.

Unmetered bandwidth vs Unlimited bandwidth: What’s the difference?

Hosting providers offer different types of bandwidth including metered, unmetered, and unlimited. Metered bandwidth carries strict limitations. So if it comes with 10GB bandwidth, you cannot use even a single byte above 10GB.

Unmetered bandwidth offers flexibility as it doesn’t have limitations. If you forecast to utilize 10GB bandwidth but later consume 15 or 20GB, it won’t matter. However, the host will set a speed limit for your account.

Unlimited bandwidth is different from unmetered. Such plans allow using as much bandwidth as you want but there’s always an upper limit. So consider confirming the cap from your host if you expect to use a lot of bandwidth.

Here are the WordPress hosting plans of a leading host offering unlimited bandwidth along with a disclaimer:

unlimited bandwidth is not truly unlimited


10GB bandwidth is enough for most websites including online shops with less than 1,000 products. However, consider having more bandwidth when using plenty of videos and high-resolution photos.

Be prepared for a plan upgrade if you observe an upward traffic trend or plan to extensively add multimedia content. Because audio and video content quickly inflates bandwidth consumption.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is 10GB a lot of data for a website?

Yes, 10GB is a lot of data for the majority of sites. Small and medium websites without video content do not go beyond 10GB bandwidth.

How big is a 10GB website?

A 10GB website can have hundreds of pages without multimedia content. It can also be an online shop with up to 1,000 products.

Is 50GB enough for a website?

Yes, 50GB bandwidth is enough for many websites. It can easily handle up to 25,000 monthly page loads.

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