Where is Namecheap Located?

Wondering “Where is Namecheap Located?” We are going to see the location details of the hosting company.

The guide will not only cover the Namecheap headquarters location but we are also going to see Namecheap data center locations.

Let’s start with all the answers.

Where is Namecheap located?

Namecheap Inc. is a US-based company located in Phoenix. The exact office address of Namecheap is 4600 East Washington Street, Suite 305, Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) 85034, USA.

The current CEO is Richard Kirkendall. It’s a reliable company as it was founded by Richard back in 2000 and he has been serving as the CEO since then.

namecheap contact details

But this is only their office address, their data centers may be located in different parts of the world. Let’s check the server location too.

Where are Namecheap servers located?

Namecheap is one of the few companies with more data center options available for shared hosting and only 1 option for VPS and dedicated hosting.

There are usually 2 ways a hosting company can manage their data center. Either they can have an in-house infrastructure where they own the place and data center or they can outsource it.

Namecheap doesn’t have a data center. Instead, they have rented the data center from a few reputed data center management companies. Due to this, the security of the data center and the overall performance increases a lot.

It’s Namecheap’s responsibility to manage the data center. So, you need not have to worry about quality and error-solving. Namecheap will handhold you if something goes wrong on your server.

The below sections also cover the company name from which the data centers are rented.

Shared Hosting Server Locations

Namecheap shared hosting server locations are available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. The data centers are available for all the shared hosting services including Steller, Steller Plus, and Steller Business.

So, the main question is where is Namecheap located? Here are the exact locations of all three data centers.

  • United States: PhoenixNAP data center (Phoenix, Arizona, USA).
  • United Kingdom: Timico data center (near Nottingham, Midlands, England)
  • Europe: New data center (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

namecheap data center locations

For the people who don’t know, PhoenixNAP and Timico are data center providers companies who have been in the industry for a long time.

In the UK data center, you will have to pay extra for the data center as the co-location services in the UK are expensive compared to others.

VPS & Dedicated Hosting Server Locations

As mentioned above, VPS and dedicated server locations are only available in one location.

You will only see the US location. The location is the same.

  • United States: PhoenixNAP data center (Phoenix, Arizona, USA).

locations of namecheap data centers

You won’t find any extra option to change the data center. Even Namecheap’s private email servers are in the US location. So, there are absolutely no issues with the location.

Namecheap offers great performance from their PhoenixNAP data center to all the countries as well. So, if you are planning to go with Namecheap VPS, it’s a decent choice.

Where is Namecheap support located?

The support team of any company plays a very important role. However, it’s no secret that most hosting providers don’t have in-house support. They outsource it to other countries.

Even Namecheap does the same. Their customer support team is not US-based.

The customer support team of Namecheap is from India and Ukraine.

namecheap support teams location

The customer support of Namecheap is always amazing. Their live chat replies within seconds and solves most problems within minutes. So, overall, the support is excellent.

The support team’s country matters when a host offers call support. Unfortunately, Namecheap doesn’t support phone support.

Namecheap US vs UK data center – Which one to choose?

Namecheap US vs UK data center is always a decade-old debate but recently, they have also added Namecheap Europe data center.

So, there are three options to choose from, whether it should be Namecheap US, UK, or EU. Here are a few points to consider before buying.

Type of hosting:

The first point to consider is the type of hosting you plan to use. If you choose to go with VPS or dedicated hosting, you only have one option which is the US location.

So, the whole comparison ends here.

You only need to worry about the Namecheap location if you want to go with shared hosting.

Audience location:

You can always see where the majority of the audience is from. If they are from the US, it makes sense to choose a US data center. Always choose the nearest data center to your audience.

With this, you will see faster speed for your website.


You also need to consider the pricing as you’re going for shared hosting. The US and EU are available for the regular price. However, you will have to pay a dollar extra per month for the UK data center.

Namecheap’s UK Data Center Pricing

So, you can choose an EU data center if your audience is near the UK and you don’t want to pay extra. On the other hand, it’s always good to go with the UK if budget is not an issue for you and your audience is from the UK.

Namecheap started the EU location just to allow customers to save some money if they don’t want a UK location.

Features of hosting:

Depending on the plan you choose, the features might change. Namecheap offers cloud storage that gives 100% uptime.

  • For US data centers, only Stellar Business plans have it.
  • For EU data centers, cloud storage is available for all the plans.

namecheap cloud storage features

Even if the cloud storage is not available for a few plans, you will still get amazing uptime and performance from Namecheap. So, it’s not a big deal.

Apart from this, all the technical features are the same in all the data centers of Namecheap.

If you think the performance is not great for a particular data center, you might want to change it, right? So, let’s talk about it.

Switching the locations in Namecheap:

Lastly, the main point you might want to know is about migrating the data center location to Namecheap shared hosting. You can always migrate from one data center to another in Namecheap shared hosting.

Just create a ticket with their billing department and you’re done.

namecheap switching data centers

So, if you wish to carry a switch, it’s as easy as writing an email. If your current data center was in the US/EU and you wish to change it to the UK (or vice versa), the team will rebill you with the updated changes.


To summarize, Namecheap is a Phoenix-based hosting provider with data centers in Arizona (US), the Netherlands (EU), and Midlands (UK). The customer support team is from India and Ukraine.

Namecheap offers all 3 locations for shared hosting only. Their VPS and dedicated servers are only available in the US.

If you wish to get your VPS in the  UK, you can also try AlphaVPS. They have servers in the UK with affordable pricing just like Namecheap.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Namecheap a US company?

Yes, Namecheap is a US-based company located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Who is the owner of Namecheap?

Namecheap was founded by Richard Kirkendall. He is also the current CEO of Namecheap.

Where is Namecheap US data center exactly?

The Namecheap US data center is in Phoenix, AZ.

Where is Namecheap headquarters?

Namecheap headquarters are located in Arizona state of the US. The exact address is 4600 East Washington Street, Suite 305, Phoenix.

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