Why is Wix Editor so slow?

Are you facing issues with the speed of the Wix Editor? It is probably due to the browser you are using, your computing system, the speed of your internet, or a mix of these factors.

Additionally, the number of pages you have created on your website and the amount of content on each of these pages also impact the performance of the Wix Editor. It is because the Editor loads all your website content together as opposed to the live website that loads only one page at a time.

In my web-development journey, I had the opportunity to work with a lot of clients who had their websites hosted on Wix. Unfortunately, I had to migrate their sites from Wix to WordPress since Wix started posing numerous problems.

There were several issues with the platform’s performance, user experience, and feature limitations. Based on my experience of using the platform, I’m reviewing Why is Wix editor so slow as an attempt to help you in some way get past this technical issue.

This article answers the main question for which you came here and talks about the ways to check the speed of your Wix website. It also offers you a few solutions to speed up the Wix Editor.

I’d also present you with some of the best alternatives to Wix. But first, let’s address our main question in our next section.

Wix Dashbaord

Why is Wix Editor so slow?

Many users experience speed issues with the Wix Editor. When I was working on my clients’ Wix websites, I even faced issues with a single-page website.

Not only at the back-end, but the addition of page content slowed down the website at the front-end too. At times, I was also facing issues with the deletion of extra sections from within the Editor and it took me a few hours just to delete them.

Consequences of the slow speed of the Wix Editor

The slow speed of the Editor wastes a lot of your time and impacts your productivity negatively. It also leads to frustration since even small tasks take hours to complete.

Instead of making the website creation task easier for beginners, the slow Wix Editor makes it tough for them and many people leave their online journey there and then. I have seen others who compromise with the design of their websites because editing becomes a cumbersome task for them.

So it is extremely important to address the speed issue of your Wix Editor to make your website building process an enjoyable experience.

Reasons for the slow speed of the Wix Editor

The reason for the slow working of the Wix Editor differs from person to person. Here are some of the factors responsible for its slow performance:

Website design

The speed of the Wix Editor is majorly influenced by the design of your website. The Wix Editor loads your content all at once. So it will work slowly if you have a larger website with dozens of content-heavy pages.

Internet connection

Slow internet speed will slow down the Wix Editor as well. So the speed offered by your local internet provider might be a limitation to the proper functioning of the Editor.

Computing device

The Wix Editor works well with the updated hardware and software. Using an older version of the operating system might affect the speed of the Editor.

Web browser

Similar to the updated operating system, the Wix Editor requires an updated browser version for better performance. So using an older version of your browser could be the reason behind the slow working of your Wix Editor.

Wix Editor Performance Details

How do I check my Wix speed?

The speed of your Wix Editor does not determine the speed of your Wix website. The live website loads only one page at a time which is much easier than loading all the website content simultaneously.

Wix Speed Claim Landing Page

Since the Wix Editor loads the content all at once, it might work slow for you. But your Wix website will still work faster at your visitors’ end. You can always check the speed of your Wix website online with the speed test tool provided by Wix.

Additionally, you can choose to use a third-party tool, like Pingdom, to determine the loading time of your Wix website from a specific location.

Wix Pingdom Speed Test

Wix continuously makes efforts to provide better speed and performance for your website. You can, therefore, check the speed of your Wix website at regular intervals to see the improvements in loading times.

How do I speed up my Wix Editor?

Now that you know the causes behind the slow speed of the Wix Editor, it is easier to understand the actions that can speed up your Wix Editor.

If you have successfully determined the problem that is affecting the speed of your Editor, you can work on that specific aspect. If not, working on the following issues might improve the performance of your Wix Editor:

Use a different browser

As I mentioned above, your web browser could be the reason behind the slow speed of the Editor, so working on it might solve the issue. Update your browser to the latest version and check if the problem resolves.

NOTE: If you still face the issue, consider shifting to another browser for using the Editor. Sometimes a browser, like Chrome, consumes a lot of RAM and slows down your entire system. So changing your browser might be a solution to your problem.

I’d also suggest you clear your browser cache before moving to a new one. Such an act will make the browser consume less RAM. So the Wix Editor might work faster after the simple act of clearing your browser cache.

Wix Editor - Clear Browser Cache

Reduce the file sizes

The files hosted on your website impact the speed of your Wix Editor since it loads them all for you to edit. Reducing the sizes of your website files will speed up your website, both at the front-end and the back-end.

You can choose an image compression plugin for automatically reducing the sizes of background images and other pictures used on different pages of your website.

Disable Apps

Since the amount of content on your website decides the speed of your Wix Editor, removing the unnecessary stuff might speed it up. Try reducing the website content and disabling the apps.

Such removal will reduce the burden of loading all this content and apps from the Editor, thereby making it work faster. It is only a temporary solution since you cannot always restrict your website content and apps to the minimum.

I would not suggest this solution if your Wix website is loading fast at the front-end since it means the website content and apps are not problematic in themselves. In such a case, either try the next solution I’m presenting or turn on the Wix Editor tab a little before your working time to let it load all your content.

Use a VPN

If working on the above aspects does not speed up your Wix Editor, using a VPN to work with the Editor might be a solution to your problem. I’d recommend this solution only when the speed of your Wix website at the front-end is good and the problem lies only with the speed at the back-end.

Activate Caching

Apart from the above solutions, you can consider activating caching on each page of your website except the ones containing dynamic content. Such an act will drastically decrease your website loading time at the front-end.

NOTE: I’m not sure if page caching will improve the speed of your Wix Editor at the back-end but you must try it once. Along with boosting the speed of your Wix website, it might also speed up the Editor. It’s worth the try.

wix - Activate Page Caching

Use high-speed internet

The speed of your Wix Editor will largely depend on the speed of your internet. Try using a high-speed internet connection to speed up your Editor.
For example, you can try accessing it through another network, if it works fast, then you’ll know that the source of the problem is coming from your internet connection.

Use a different computer

When none of the above works, the problem might be your computer. A system with low RAM might not run the Wix Editor efficiently. You can consider using a different computer when possible. In the cases where it is impossible to use another computing system, open the Editor in advance to let it load all your website content before you start working on it.

2 Best Alternatives to Wix

If you have tried all the above ways of speeding up your Wix Editor and are still not satisfied with its performance, choosing a different platform might be a better option for you. Here are the two best alternatives to Wix:

1. WordPress

WordPress is the most used Content Management System (CMS) in the world because of its simplicity, speed, and flexibility. Using WordPress instead of Wix will speed up your website both at the front-end and the back-end.

Wix Alternative - WordPress

You can consider installing WordPress for your website on a hosting platform that is well-optimized for WordPress. Bluehost offers such WordPress-optimized hosting at reasonable prices.

Wix Alternative - BlueHost

Who is it best for?

WordPress is best for medium to large websites and online stores with large content and media-rich pages. Where the Wix Editor will slow down in the case of such websites, you can easily work with the panel provided for editing the WordPress websites without any lags.

2. Squarespace

Squarespace is a platform quite similar to Wix that helps make beautiful websites from scratch without any technical knowledge. Both Wix and Squarespace have many things in common but differ in some aspects.

Wix Alternative - SquareSpace

Wix has a larger user base and provides more features. On the other hand, Squarespace offers much better templates and has a powerful page editor.

Squarespace offers a faster user interface than Wix, so you won’t have to face the sluggishness of the Wix Editor. Also, Squarespace has a more intuitive editor than the one offered by Wix.

Who is it best for?

Squarespace is best for small and medium websites because of its simple and intuitive editor. The platform is also better for the efficient Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website since it offers mobile-friendly responsive template designs.

Where Squarespace automatically adjusts your website content for all devices, you will have to do all the hard work in the case of Wix by creating an additional version of your website for mobile users.

VERDICT: In short, Squarespace will offer better speed at the back-end and save your time with its intuitive technology.


Wix is suitable only for smaller websites and not for medium to large ones. It is not the right platform for business owners since it is very time-consuming and has limited capabilities.

If you are serious about your online venture, you must consider using WordPress. But if, for some reason, you cannot move to a better platform like Squarespace or WordPress, consider following the tricks that I discussed above for boosting the speed of your Wix Editor.


📌 Is Wix slow?

Yes, Wix is a slow-performing platform since it is not well-optimized for speed. It tends to get slower with the increase in the amount of content on your website.

📌 Are Wix websites fast?

Small Wix websites are fast because of the limited content stored on them. Medium and large Wix websites perform much slower.

📌 How many pages can Wix handle before getting slow?

Wix can handle up to 100 pages with declining performance. Though the speed of your website will be negatively impacted throughout, you will notice a considerable difference when you reach this 3-digit figure. If you keep on adding more pages, the website will become slower.

📌 What is Wix Turbo?

Wix Turbo is a new technology launched by Wix in partnership with Marvel Studios. It boosts your website speed with smart caching, advanced CSS, and better optimization. It is free for all Wix users and comes pre-installed on your Wix website.

📌 Why is Wix Editor not loading?

The loading speed of your Wix Editor depends on many factors. The speed of your internet, RAM used by your web browser, the number of pages on your Wix website, and the amount of content on each of these pages play an important role in the loading of your Editor. Please follow the suggestions I discussed above to speed up the loading of the Wix Editor.

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2 thoughts on “Why is Wix Editor so slow?”

  1. Thank you for such great article. You gave us options if one wants to continue using WIX which is what like. Most bloggers just tell you NOT TO USE WIX!. I like WIX because it’s so much easier to use if one is not a coder unlike WordPress. WordPress can be complicated so I would have to disagree with you on the simplicity of WP. But I can’t help notice how slow WIX has become compared to when I started using it years ago. I haven’t reached 100+ pages, but when I do, I will sign up for the most advanced hosting option they have and have a serious talk with their personnel as I do not want to ruin my business. The thing that gives me hope is the front-end is not slow at all, just the Editor like you mentioned.

    • Thank you for your feedback Lisa and kind words regarding our article 🙂 I appreciate hearing from my readers and I’m glad to know that you found the information helpful.

      Just to clarify something, you don’t need to be a coder to use WordPress, it’s for everybody 🙂 Nonetheless, I agree with you on the fact that Wix is much simpler and straightfoward.

      Wix is simply not meant for big sites. As your site keeps on growing, you’ll have no other choice but to move away to a more permenant solution like WordPress, and naturally that requires buying a hosting which will install WordPress for you during the registration.

      My recommendation to you would be when you move to any hosting, don’t buy the most advanced plan, you may not need that much resources, but rather go with the middle one if you are on budget.

      One last piece of advice, do not, under any circumstance, do not sign up for Godaddy 😀


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