Bluehost cost after first year

Are you concerned about high renewal prices for your Bluehost hosting plan? Do you want to know the renewal costs of domains and add-ons available from the host? If yes, you’ll get all the information in this article.

We’ll discuss the Bluehost cost after first year for all hosting plans, domain names, and add-on products. Additionally, you’ll receive a few good tips to save money on Bluehost renewal prices.

Later we’ll be answering some of the most common queries related to the Bluehost renewal costs. But first, let’s find out these costs in our next section.

Bluehost cost after first year

It is important to compare the hosting renewal prices with regular prices for a better understanding of Bluehost costs. So we have compiled the data of both initial and renewal prices of all Bluehost plans in the table below:

Bluehost Plans Initial Prices Renewal Prices
Shared Hosting
●       Basic $2.95 per month $11.99 per month
●       Choice Plus $5.45 per month $21.99 per month
●       Online Store $9.95 per month $26.99 per month
●       Pro $13.95 per month $28.99 per month
VPS Hosting
●       Standard $29.99 per month $79.99 per month
●       Enhanced $39.99 per month $114.99 per month
●       Ultimate $69.99 per month $142.99 per month
Dedicated Hosting
●       Standard $89.98 per month $179.99 per month
●       Enhanced $119.88 per month $179.99 per month
●       Premium $139.99 per month $259.99 per month

Bluehost shared hosting plans

Now that you have an idea of initial and Bluehost costs after the first year, let’s get deeper into the prices and features of shared hosting plans.

features of bluehost shared plan

All Bluehost shared hosting plans come with Managed WordPress and a 3-month free trial of professional email. You’ll also receive a free domain for the first year.

Additionally, the host provides you with a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) for a fast-loading website.

Let’s explore the unique features and renewal costs of all Bluehost shared hosting plans below:

Basic plan

The Bluehost Basic plan supports a single website. It includes 10 GB SSD space and a free SSL for the first year. This plan of Bluehost offers support via chat only.

bluehost basic plan chat support

The table below shows the renewal prices of the Bluehost Basic plan for all available billing terms:

Billing term Renewal price of the Basic plan
1 month $15.99
1 year $11.99
3 years $9.99

Choice plus plan

The Choice Plus plan allows hosting of up to three websites and includes malware scanning for site security.

choice plus plan malware scanning

You’ll receive 40 GB of storage and free SSL. Additionally, Bluehost offers free domain privacy and daily website backups for the first year under this plan.

You’ll also get customer support via phone in addition to chat.

The table below shows the renewal prices of the Bluehost Choice Plus plan for different billing terms offered by the hosting provider:

Billing term Renewal price of the Choice Plus plan
1 month $27.99
1 year $21.99
3 years $19.99

Online store plan

This plan is very similar to Bluehost’s Choice Plus plan but offers some additional features for online stores. The plan includes an exclusive store theme, hosting for unlimited products, and the ability to track store analytics and collect online payments securely.

bluehost online store plan

Also, it is possible to generate shipping labels, manage bookings & appointments, and create gift cards. Your online shop can also have a product search & filtering feature.

Additionally, your customers can create their accounts on store and build a wishlist as well!

The table below shows the renewal prices of the Bluehost Online store plan for various billing terms available:

Billing term Renewal price of the Online store plan
1 month $32.99
1 year $26.99
3 years $25.99

Pro plan

The Pro plan is the highest-tier shared hosting offering of Bluehost. It is optimized for high traffic and allows the hosting of up to five websites.

You’ll receive 100 GB SSD storage and Bluehost support via chat & phone.

bluehost pro plan

The hosting provider offers free daily backups and domain privacy for the first year. This plan includes automatic malware scanning and a free SSL.

The table below shows the renewal prices of the Bluehost Pro plan for all different billing terms available with the host:

Billing term Renewal price of the Pro plan
1 month $34.99
1 year $28.99
3 years $26.99

Domain names

Along with web hosting, Bluehost also offers domain names for your websites.

bluehost purchase domain names

It allows the purchasing of Top-Level Domains (TLDs), country code TLDs, and Generic TLDs. The host provides domain privacy for $15 for all extensions except .us for which this privacy feature isn’t available at all.

The table below shows the initial and renewal prices of the most popular domain extensions available with Bluehost:

Domain extension Initial price Renewal price
.com $12.99 $21.99
.info $11.99 $31.99
.org $9.99 $20.99
.biz $9.99 $26.99
.net $14.99 $22.99
.us $5.99 $19.99
.co $27.99 $29.99
.ca $11.99 $17.99 $27.99 $29.99
.blog $22.99 $24.99
.club $14.99 $18.99
.digital $39.99 $42.99
.finance $69.99 $72.99
.international $24.99 $27.99
.store $12.99 $79.99

Addon Products & Services

Like all its competitors, Bluehost offers add-on products and services along with its main hosting service.

bluehost add on products

The table below displays the renewal prices of all Bluehost add-on services to help you find them easily:

Bluehost add-ons Renewal prices
Dedicated IP
●       Shared hosting dedicated IP $5.99 per month
●       Additional dedicated IP for VPS & Dedicated Hosting $17.99 per month
Premium SSL Certificates
●       Positive SSL $49.99 per year
●       Positive Wildcard SSL $149.99 per year
●       Comodo SSL $79.99 per year
●       Comodo Wildcard SSL $299.99 per year
Spam Experts Email Filtering $2.99 per month per domain
Microsoft 365
●       Email Essentials $4.99 per user per month or $59.88 per user per year
●       Business Plus $9.99 per user per month or $119.88 per user per year
●       Business Pro $14.99 per user per month or $179.88 per user per year
Domain Privacy $14.88 per domain per year
●       SiteLock Essentials $83.88 per year
●       SiteLock Prevent $239.88 per year
●       SiteLock Prevent Plus $359.88 per year
SEO Tools
●       SEO Tools Start $5.95 per domain per month or $71.40 per domain per year
●       SEO Tools Grow $19.95 per domain per month or $239.40 per domain per year
●       CodeGuard Basic $3.99 per domain per month or $47.88 per domain per year
●       CodeGuard Professional $5.99 per domain per month or $59.95 per domain per year
●       CodeGuard Premium $9.99 per domain per month or $99.95 per domain per year
●       CodeGuard Enterprise $23.95 per domain per month or $239.95 per domain per year
Constant Contact
●       0 – 500 contacts $3 per month
●       501 – 2,500 contacts $25 per month
●       2,501 – 5,000 contacts $45 per month
●       5,001 – 10,000 contacts $75 per month
●       10,001 – 25,000 contacts $185 per month
Premium Cloudflare CDN $199.88 per year

3 Tips to save on Bluehost Renewal prices

Like many other hosting providers, the Bluehost cost after first year is high (higher renewal rates). That is why, we are sharing some tips to save on Bluehost renewal costs so you can keep your expenditure as low as possible.

Tip 1: Contact Bluehost Sales Team to Ask for a Discount

Asking the seller for a discount is a good old technique to save money on anything you buy. A hosting provider is like any other seller and won’t like to lose a customer.

So contact the Bluehost sales team to ask for a discount.

contacting bluehost team

Moreover, it is more difficult to bring in a new customer than to retain an existing one. So there’s a fair chance that the host will provide you, an existing customer, with a discount on renewal.

For instance, GoDaddy offers discounts to those customers who are about to migrate away from the host.

Tip 2: Sign up for a new Bluehost Account

Initial hosting prices with Bluehost are much lower than their renewal costs. If possible, sign up for a new Bluehost account to benefit from these promotional discounts on the initial terms.

Consider purchasing the plan for the longest period to get the most of the discounted rates. This way, you will enjoy a full discount for three years!

signing up for bluehost

Tip 3: Try cheaper Bluehost alternatives

Since Bluehost has high renewal costs, we recommend trying cheaper Bluehost alternatives like DreamHost and Hostinger. Both these hosting providers have lower renewal costs than Bluehost and offer equally brilliant hosting services.

dreamhost an alternative to bluehost

The trick to save the maximum money remains the same with these companies as well. Sign up for the longest hosting term to enjoy the discounted prices for years to come.


Bluehost charges higher prices for all its products and services after the first year. It is best to take benefit of the discounted prices available with the initial terms of Bluehost plans.

Shifting your domain? Try cheaper providers like DreamHost or Hostinger for more savings .

Do you have any questions related to Bluehost renewal costs? If yes, feel free to share them in the comment section below and we’ll be quick in answering them!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Bluehost charge monthly or yearly?

Bluehost charges yearly for the initial term and doesn’t offer any monthly billing term to its new customers. However, the hosting provider has both monthly and yearly billing options for its existing customers.

So you can pay monthly for Bluehost renewals.

Is Bluehost 12 months or 36 months?

Bluehost provides both 12-month and 36-month billing periods for the initial term. These billing terms are also available for hosting renewals along with 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 24-month options.

As mentioned earlier, you will save more on choosing the longer period, so choose accordingly.

Why is Bluehost so cheap?

Bluehost is cheap only for its new customers. Its renewal costs are much higher than the initial costs. The host follows a cheap marketing strategy of offering extraordinary discounts only for the initial term length to attract more customers.

Later, you’ll have to pay more than triple the introductory prices as renewal costs.

Can I cancel Bluehost anytime?

Yes, you can cancel Bluehost anytime. The hosting provider even offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So you can receive a full refund of your hosting fees if you cancel Bluehost services within 30 days. Though you can cancel Bluehost after 30 days as well, the host will not provide you with any prorated refund in such a situation.

Why is Bluehost renewal so expensive?

Bluehost renewals are expensive since the host recovers initial discounts from subsequent payments. The low introductory prices of Bluehost services are used only to attract new customers.

High renewal prices allow the hosting provider to make higher profits.

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