Cheap VPS 1TB Storage

If you want a VPS only for storage purposes, you might want to get a cheap VPS with 1TB storage.

If you intend to use it for remote backups or to store large files while remaining on your budget, the storage servers are perfect for you.

The following list contains reliable VPS you can go for.

7 Cheap VPS 1TB storage

We have also mentioned the specs of the server to know the server better. The starting price is for a 1 TB server.

1. AlphaVPS (Cheapest Storage VPS)

AlphaVPS is one of the cheapest VPS 1 TB storage that comes with great performance. You can expand your storage up to 4 TB. There are 4 plans which have 1 TB or more storage capacity. With this, you can easily scale up step by step.

alphavps cheap vps 1tb storage

You can use the storage VPS for backups and storing other important large files.

They have KVM virtualization. With this, you will have dedicated resources. So, the CPU specs you will get will be yours. If you are having any issues, you can contact support anytime.

The security is great. They use full-disk encryption (FDE). By this, only you can access your data stored in AlphaVPS. One of the reasons why the servers are cheap is because of the storage type. It uses RAID60 HDD.

It’s a Europe-based VPS. They have a data center in Bulgaria. If you have an audience there, you will get low-latency servers. The server will be ready instantly. Once ready, you will get an intuitive control panel where you will get full control over the server.

It’s one of the cheapest storage servers you can get.

Starting price: €5 per month (roughly $4.9 as of now)

Specs of AlphaVPS

  • CPU ranges: 2 to 4 cores (Intel Xeon E5)
  • RAM ranges: 2 to 4 GB
  • Bandwidth range: 3 to 10 TB
  • Uplink/port speed: 1 Gbps

2. InterServer (VPS with maximum storage limit)

InterServer is for you if you want to get a premium vanilla server with huge scalability. The storage VPS plan starts with 1 TB storage and you can scale it up to 16 TB. Due to multiple plans, it’s easier for you to scale up as you are growing.

interserver cheapest 1 tb vps

They also got remote service backup at a very attractive price. So, you can get it as an add-on. They also have self-healing hardware. When you have a lot of storage in the server, you might want to ensure that the hardware doesn’t get into any problems.

If there are any problems here, the AI will automatically transfer the node to another working node.

It runs on SSD storage. Therefore, you will get better speed. The uptime is 99.9%. It comes with dedicated resources. They have 2 data centers. Both of them are in the United States. Therefore, if you have more audience outside the US, you can look for another server.

For US-based websites, it’s a great server. You can install any scripts and store any type of file here.

Starting price: $6 per month.

Specs of InterServer

  • CPU ranges: 1 to 16 cores
  • RAM ranges: 2048 to 32768 MB (2 to 32 GB)
  • Bandwidth range: 2 to 32 TB
  • Uplink/port speed: 1 Gbps

3. VPSDime (Performance Storage VPS)

VPSDime comes with fully redundant disk arrays. It ensures performance as all the servers are placed onto these arrays. In case something goes wrong with the disk, the team automatically changes the node. The downtime reduces a lot with this. In most cases, there will be no downtime.

There are fewer chances of your disk failing because they use enterprise-grade HHDs and SSDs built with HGST. They are RAID10. You can upgrade the plan and get more storage. They provide up to 4000 GB of storage in their VPS plans.

Upgrading to another plan will only increase storage and bandwidth. The CPU cores and RAM will remain the same.

NOTE: You are only allowed to store files on the server. Serving content from the storage VPS is forbidden here.

The support is incredible. They respond in a few minutes. It comes with dedicated storage to ensure better performance. Further, you can choose from 6 locations out of which 4 are in the US and 2 in Europe.

They also provide a 99.99% uptime SLA. Moreover, they don’t oversell. So, it eliminates noisy neighbors stealing your resources.

Starting price: $14 per month.

vpsdime secure 1 tb servers

Specs of VPSDime

  • CPU ranges: 4 cores
  • RAM ranges: 2 GB ECC
  • Bandwidth range: 8 to 32 TB
  • Uplink/port speed: 10 Gbps

4. Hostens

Hostens is recommended if you are looking for an affordable VPS with 1000 GB storage for a hobby project. The price is extremely low. You can contact the support team via live chat to get the link to the plans. The storage comes with 200 IOPS.

They have RAID storage with cloud infrastructure. Therefore, the performance is great. You can surely rely on the servers.

NOTE: The reason we have recommended hobby projects is due to the limited scalability and fewer add-ons. If it fits your small business requirement, you can surely go with it.

The starting price is cheaper if you go with 36-month. If you go with a monthly plan, the costs go much higher. Therefore, you can either go with 12 months or more. They use Intel Xeon E5 servers. The location is Lithuania.

Note: The plan shows that the maximum limit is 1024 GB. However, they have some hidden packages where the upper limit for storage is 4096 GB (4 TB).

Starting price: $4.80 if you pay for 3 years in advanced, $8/m for annual, and it’s $16 per month.

hostens cheap 1tb storage

Specs of Hostens

  • CPU ranges: 1 core
  • RAM ranges: 2 to 8 GB RAM
  • Bandwidth range: 8 to 32 TB
  • Uplink/port speed: 100 Mbps (can be upgraded to 1 Gbps)

5. Nexusbytes

Nexusbytes is a storage VPS with KVM virtualization. Therefore, you will get dedicated resources. Talking about the storage, they use full NVMe storage to speed up your server. You can scale your storage up to 5000 GB.

There are a total of 5 plans which have 1 TB or more storage. This makes it easier to scale. You can scale with no downtime.

nexusbytes nvme 1tb storage vps

The support is incredible. You can rely on the server as it has 99.9% uptime. They have 3 data centers in the US and one of them is in the United Kingdom. You can choose the server of your choice. It comes with Blesta billing software.

You can choose your favorite OS. If it’s not on the list, you can add a note and upload your custom ISO.

NOTE: The storage VPS is for storing things and you can’t use it for content that requires constant read/write such as seedbox. Along with this, they don’t even allow mining chia. So, there are various restrictions on the server.

Starting price: $5.20 per month when paid annually, $6.50 for a monthly plan.

Specs of Nexusbytes

  • CPU ranges: 2 to 4 cores
  • RAM ranges: 1 to 5 GB
  • Bandwidth range: 500 to 2500 GB
  • Uplink/port speed: 1 Gbps

6. Contabo

Contabo provides huge HDD storage at a very affordable rate. As they are HDD-based hosting, the read/write speed is not great. However, if all you are looking for is storage with unlimited incoming bandwidth, Contabo is for you. They use German-quality hardware and the storage VPS is only available at their Europe location.

contabo cheap 1tb hdd vps

It’s not just pure HDD storage. They also use SSD for caching which fastens up the process. Therefore, you can surely consider this.

Further, you can also add up to 2 TB of backup storage space as an add-on. To manage your server, you will get a web panel. You can either go with the plan that has 700 GB HDD or you can go with their last plan with 1.4 TB of HDD.

That’s the last plan. Therefore, there is limited upside available on the plans.

You will also get DDoS protection along with performance enhancement. They use standard hardware for better performance. You will also get 24/7 support. It’s great if you are just looking for a cheap storage VPS.

Note: The I/O performance of the drives is low and so the performance will decrease.

Starting price: $16.99

Specs of Contabo

  • CPU ranges: 6 vCores
  • RAM ranges: 20 GB RAM
  • Bandwidth range: 32 TB outgoing and unlimited incoming at 1 Gbps
  • Uplink/port speed: 1 Gbps

7. Time4VPS

Time4VPS has multiple plans where you will get high storage. It’s known as the heart of Europe. There are 6 plans with 1 TB storage or more. You can go with any of them. You can scale your Time4VPS server up to 8 TB.

They use OpenVZ virtualization for the storage of VPS. It’s a secure server with root access to the server.

They provide you with complete freedom to manage the server. You can install FTP, NFS, RSYNC, SAMBA, or anything else. The disk storage is RAID enabled which ensures security. They use Intel Xeon servers with DDR4 ECC REG RAM to ensure proper performance.

time4vps reliable storage server 1 tb

On the negative side, the CPU cores will remain the same no matter which plans you choose.

The cost for the first invoice is cheap. It will increase at the time of renewal. The support is also great. There are all the tools you will need such as DNS manager, emergency access, etc.

With all these amazing features, it’s a great service you can choose if you want a data center in Europe.

Starting price: €3.99 ($3.85 as of now), renews at €7.99 ($7.72 as of now). 2 Months discount if you pay annually.

Specs of Time4VPS

  • CPU ranges: 1 core
  • RAM ranges: 2 to 16 GB
  • Bandwidth range: 8 to 64 TB
  • Uplink/port speed: 100 Mbps (can be upgraded to 1 Gbps)

Buying guide for 1TB VPS

Here are the things you need to look at while buying the VPS.


In most cases, you will need more storage as you grow. Therefore, you can always look at the maximum disk space.

You should also see if they allow you to upgrade the specs. This brings us to the next point.


If you are looking for a VPS with 1 TB storage, you need to look at the specs as well. Make sure they use standard hardware and also look for CPU, RAM, and bandwidth.

Further, you need to see which type of storage they provide (HDD, SSD, or NVMe).


You can always try out the server for 1 month before finalizing the deal. Beware, some of the hosts will offer more discounts if you go with the annual term. In that case, you can use an alternative email and billing method.

So, you can benefit from the full discount for the first invoice.

TIP: Further, you can also wait for black Friday or cyber Monday deals. Don’t forget to bookmark this page.

Server Location

If you have the majority of your audience from a certain location, you can always look for the nearest data centers.


You can go with any of the cheap storage VPS as per your need. Make sure you see the maximum scalable limit before you choose the right one. Some servers have certain terms in using the storage VPS.

So, if you want to host problematic content (for example using the server as a seedbox), it’s always better to contact support before purchasing.

Here’s a quick selection of the best affordable storage VPS with 1 TB storage.

  • Best Overall: AlphaVPS
  • Best Price: AlphaVPS
  • Best Performance: VPSDime

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