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DreamHost boasts of supporting unlimited traffic on their pricing page, but you—like many others— have your doubts. Surely, there has to be a catch? In this article, we find out more about what exactly is the actual DreamHost bandwidth limit.

Whenever a hosting company uses the word “unlimited,” there are a lot of hidden factors you need to keep in mind. This guide will cover both the bandwidth limit for DreamHost websites and their hidden terms (if any).

Let’s start with the primary question you have in mind.

What is the DreamHost Bandwidth Limit?

DreamHost offers unlimited bandwidth for most of its hosting plans, with the exception of its cloud plans. They don’t monitor your bandwidth. So, you won’t face any type of limitations on monthly traffic.

dreamhost bandwidth usage exception

Unlike other hosts, you don’t have to worry about “overage fees.” No matter how much bandwidth you use, you don’t have to pay an extra penny.

dreamhost unlimited traffic

However, there are certain obstacles you might face if you overuse unlimited resources. It’s generally throttling of users and the fair usage policy. But it is possible to avoid this scenario.

Keep your use of resources efficient to avoid getting throttled, and make sure your website doesn’t break the fair usage policy. We will talk about both of them here in more detail.

Does DreamHost throttle users?

Yes, DreamHost often throttles users based on the consumption of the resources. Throttling means restricting the number of simultaneous connections or visitors.

Sometimes, they even restrict them to safeguard resource overloading.

DreamHost does this to protect other websites on the server. If a single website is consuming more resources and, as a result, causing problems for the server, it might negatively affect all other websites hosted on the same server.

dreamhost unlimited bandwidth terms

If your website isn’t properly optimized, then it’s most likely using more CPU, RAM, or a lot more of disk I/O. In such cases, you might want to consider going with DreamHost VPS (Virtual Private Server).

NOTE: Keep in mind that even their VPS has unlimited bandwidth.

Now that you know all about DreamHost throttling users, let’s discuss their fair usage policy.

What is DreamHost bandwidth fair usage?

Every company has a fair usage policy. This allows the hosting company to restrict the non-ethical usage of the server due to its unlimited policies.

Here, we are covering the top points of fair usage. This will give you a rough idea of what types of websites are prohibited.

  • Copyrighted content to which you don’t hold distribution or usage rights. So, piracy is not allowed in any form.
  • You can’t use the website for file upload, sharing, backup, mirroring, distribution, or archiving content.
  • Bots, torrent sites, and even proxy servers are strictly prohibited.
  • A redirection website that is primarily created to drive traffic to another website.
  • Making your hosting resources available to the general public (whether free or paid) is strictly prohibited.

dreamhost bandwidth fair usage terms

DreamHost makes it clear about the terms whenever you are signing up. So, we can say there are no hidden terms to look for. However, you’ll need to keep a lookout for the throttling.


It’s safe to say that the Dreamhost’s bandwidth limit is enough to meet most requirements.

Despite fair bandwidth limits, you should always plan ahead when buying hosting plans. Your resource needs should be decided by the type of website and traffic you expect.

For instance, an eCommerce store will use more bandwidth, especially when big offers such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday exist.

In the end, every server has some amount of limit because it’s practically impossible to offer unlimited resources to anyone.

So, when your website starts growing, you will probably be asked to upgrade, or your account might get shut down. A VPS from DreamHost would be a good investment in such cases.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much traffic can DreamHost handle?

DreamHost can handle around 80 visitors simultaneously. It also depends on the page load of your website and the resources you are using.

Does DreamHost have unlimited storage?

DreamHost offers unlimited storage on specific shared hosting plans. However, this feature is subject to a fair usage policy.

What is the difference between DreamHost shared unlimited and VPS?

DreamHost shared unlimited is a shared hosting plan where the same server is shared with many other users. On the other hand, VPS comes with isolated resources. Here, the server is shared with only a few users.

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