DreamHost storage limit

Does your website have large storage needs? Are you looking for the site storage provided by DreamHost? If yes, you are in luck because we’ll discuss the DreamHost storage limit.

By this article’s end, you’ll learn the database size limit, disk space, and email storage limit of different DreamHost plans. We’ll also address some of your frequent queries related to DreamHost storage to help you make a better decision.

Let’s begin.

What is the DreamHost storage limit?

DreamHost offers two shared hosting plans called Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited. The former provides 50 GB of site storage, while the latter comes with unlimited storage space.

dreamhost site storage limit

Choose the DreamHost Shared Unlimited plan for hosting without any limits on the total data storage in your account.

Is DreamHost storage truly unlimited?

Yes, DreamHost storage is truly unlimited, but you must respect its Unlimited Policy guidelines. Rest assured, the host is capable of storing all your data if you are planning to host a website with a large number of media files or run a news website with lots of content.

Another thing to notice is that all DreamHost competitors offering unlimited storage set an inode limit for their customers. When you reach that file limit, you can no longer store any more data on your hosting account.

On the other hand, DreamHost is very generous in setting an unlimited inode limit. It is the only shared hosting provider offering unlimited inodes.

So if you are on an unlimited storage plan with DreamHost, you can store as many files as you want no matter how much space you occupy.

NOTE: DreamHost’s policy doesn’t allow using its hosting plan solely for backup purposes. If you do, the host might suspend your account.

dreamhosts unlimited policy guidelines

How much disk space is there on DreamHost VPS?

DreamHost VPS plans provide limited disk space. The basic plan comes with 30 GB SSD storage, while the largest VPS plan has a 240 GB disk space limit. DreamHost’s MySQL VPS plans offer unlimited databases.

dreamhost mysql vps plans

NOTE: The host’s unlimited policy applies to virtual servers created before 12th November 2014. It remains effective even during all present and future plan renewals over such VPS machines.

Now that we have covered the DreamHost storage limit let’s discuss the database size limit.

What is the DreamHost database size limit?

The Shared Starter plan has a limit of 6 MySQL databases, whereas the Shared Unlimited plan allows you to create unlimited databases.

dreamhost mysql databases comparison

In the interest of server stability, it is a general practice to limit the size of each MySQL database to 3 GB on any shared hosting platform. Additionally, you must keep in mind the overall storage limit of your hosting plan when creating multiple databases.

DreamHost provides shared MySQL servers with all its shared hosting plans. They don’t carry all privileges of managing a database.

Therefore you must consider checking out this article from DreamHost that discusses MySQL limitations due to shared hosting.

What is the email storage limit?

DreamHost’s Shared Starter plan doesn’t provide a professional email, but it is possible to purchase it as an add-on. On the other hand, the Shared Unlimited plan comes with unlimited professional emails.

professional email with dreamhost hosting

DreamHost also offers a premium email hosting service. The host has set an email storage limit of 25 GB per mailbox. DreamHost’s email hosting starts at $1.67 per month when you purchase for a year in advance.


DreamHost provides unlimited storage with its largest shared hosting plan with a monthly price tag of $2.95 only when billed yearly. The same plan offers unlimited professional emails, which is useful when you have a large subscriber base.

Low hosting prices and unlimited storage with DreamHost make it a perfect choice for small and large website owners.

Do you have any additional queries concerning the storage limit of DreamHost? If yes, share them in the comment section so we can address them too!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the DreamHost inode limit?

DreamHost doesn’t have any inode limit. It is the only hosting provider that allows storing unlimited files even with its shared hosting plans.

How to find out in DreamHost how much storage space your site uses?

To find out the storage space that your site uses in DreamHost, follow these two simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the “Manage Account” section.

Step 2: Click on “View Disk Usage” to check your storage consumption.

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      Please note, for your information, there are some certain features that are restricted from Dreamhost when the size surpasses 3GB:

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