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Finding a decent web hosting company can be a very time-consuming task if you don’t do it in the right way. Depending on your need, a specific hosting company might be good or it might not be, we never know. The best way is to test the hosting service before you pay for the plan. There are several benefits you will get here if you do so. Once you know that the hosting company is good, you can surely go with the 36-month plan which will cost you less.

Therefore, you need to find a hosting company that offers a free trial. A short trial period is not enough to know if the company is suitable for you or not. So, we have collected some of the best hosting services that have 60 days free trial. With this, you will have a complete idea of whether the hosting service is for you or not.

#7 Best 60 days free web hosting trial

#1 Linode

Linode is one of the best cloud hosting companies you can go with. Here, the number of days for a free trial might vary depending on the time you are reading this but something is interesting here that very few other services offer. That’s the performance and features of the cloud. They offer fully configurable cloud hosting. You can choose your favorite plan and deploy the app in a few minutes.

In Linode, you will get free migration and proof of concept. Usually, cloud hosting companies don’t offer any free trials. If you want to try them, you will have to go with their 1-month plan. That’s not the case here. You can use the free trial here to check out the service. Additionally, Linode has a fast and secure server with lots of features.

linode free trial

Trial Details

You will get $100 in credits when you sign up for the free account that is valid for 60 days. There is no coupon code needed here. You will need a valid credit card to create a free account.

Top Features

  • Predictable pricing is one of the best things that we love. You don’t need to worry about the huge bills.
  • They have data centers in 11 locations across the globe.
  • The cloud is simple and easy to use.
  • You can choose your favorite plan and configure the server as you like.
  • The support is great. You can get the answer to any of your questions anytime.
  • The servers are ultra-fast and they have a secure environment.
  • You get free DDoS protection with 99.99% computes SLA uptime.

#2 Hostbuddy

Many people are looking for a free Windows hosting with 60 days trial that doesn’t require a credit card. If that’s something you are looking for, Hostbuddy is for you. Don’t worry, it also supports Linux. They have amazing web hosting plans due to which many customers love the service.

Along with the free trial, you also get a secure server with excellent security protection. The servers are super-fast and you can expect a decent uptime too. Therefore, you can surely go with Hostbuddy if you are looking for a huge trial period. You will get many interesting features. All the plans are WordPress optimized. So, if you are planning to run a WordPress website, this will be the best service.

hostbuddy 60 days trial

Trial Details

You can get the free trial for 60 days for Windows as well as Linux hosting without any credit card. There are all the features available in the free trial. You don’t need any coupon code to register and get the free trial.


  • Global data center with 3 different locations.
  • Great uptime with 99.9% uptime.
  • Backups and restore feature is also available.
  • It has CDN integrations.
  • Hassle-free migration feature. They will migrate your website for free.
  • Windows and Linux hosting both are available here.
  • Security is great here. You don’t have to worry about any DDoS or other attacks. All the things are taken care of.
  • The pricing is affordable. Even if you don’t have a good budget, you can go with the basic plan. It will cost you very little.

#3 SmarterASP

By the name, you might have got the idea about the service. It’s the best hosting service you can use if you are planning to host your Windows or dot net app. There are many interesting features here. Most importantly, you will get 60 days free trial. This is enough to test your server and see if it is a perfect fit for you or you need to find another one.

Talking about the company, they have been in the industry for many years and are one of the leading players in Windows hosting. Therefore, you can surely trust the service. They use SAN storage technology for storage. This will increase the performance of the website. Overall, it’s a great deal. The price can be a bit more expensive but it’s surely worth it. Your website will run smoothly and open in no time. free trial 60 days

Trial Details

Here, you will get 60 days free trial. Additionally, you will also get $5 as a signup bonus if you go with the free trial. You will get all these without entering your credit card details.


  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • The performance is great. They have a faster server. This is why the price is more.
  • Great support team. You will also get technical and programming support which isn’t available in all the services.
  • Data centers in the US and Europe.
  • Security is also great.
  • More experience means better service. They are in the industry for more than 22 years.

#4 Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is well-known when it comes to cloud hosting. They have one of the most affordable rates. Therefore, it’s great for the people who just want to get started. It’s the cloud made for the developers. With that being said, you might have got the idea that it’s extremely simple to manage your cloud and you also get awesome tools for the development.

The presence is worldwide. You can choose from 12 data centers available worldwide. This will also ensure the performance of the website. The predictable pricing is yet another great advantage you will get. There are many interesting features here which are worth having a look at. Before we see the feature list, let’s see more details about the trial.

digital ocean 2 months trial

Trial Details

You get 60 days of free trial here. Further, you will also get $100 as a credit bonus. The credits will expire after 60 days. So, you will have to use it by then. You will need a valid credit card to get the trial.


  • It’s a developer’s cloud. The UI and the features are developer-friendly. It takes a few minutes to deploy your app.
  • Simple and predictable pricing structure.
  • 99% uptime.
  • There are servers all around the world. There are 13 data centers available.
  • They have great automation features.
  • The servers are secure. You don’t need to worry about security.
  • They have affordable pricing.

#5 HostGator

You might already know about HostGator as it’s a famous web hosting service you can buy. The affordable rate with great features is what makes HostGator more attractive. They have got fast servers with many hosting plans you can choose from. There are more than 2 million websites currently hosted in HostGator.

People love it due to the uptime, performance, free domain/SSL, and support. If you already are registered with the hosting, HostGator can transfer your website for free to their servers. This is yet another great advantage you will get. If you are just getting started with the hosting and you are looking for affordable hosting with awesome features, HostGator is the one. They have a great support team who will help you whenever you need (even technically). Their affordable plans attract many users to them.

hostgator 45-days free trial

Trial Details

It’s a unique trial offer you will get here. They have 45 days free trial and for that, you will have to pay $0.01. The 1 cent is to prove that you are not a spammer. Thereafter, the regular rates will apply. If you are not yet satisfied, you can also buy their regular plan and get 45 days money-back guarantee. So, either way, you will get a free trial of 45 days.

Top Features

  • Affordable rates
  • Free domain and SSL in most of the plans.
  • Free site transfer.
  • They also have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • The servers are super-fast.
  • Depending on the plan you choose, you will also get free ad credits. You can run ads with these credits.
  • All the other hosting features like unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, backups, etc are also available here.

Hosting providers that offer a money-back guarantee for 60 days or more

Many hosting providers don’t provide a free trial of 60 days but they have a money-back guarantee of 60 days or more. This is kind of the same thing. If you don’t like the service, you can surely ask for the money back. Let’s see the list.

#6 TMD Hosting

Looking for a managed hosting with cutting-edge technology? In that case, you should surely have a look at TMDHosting. They have been in the industry for many years now. TMD is known for its awesome speed and premium level of security. Due to their latest technology, you can ensure that the security and the speed will be great.

Further, the plans are attractive when it comes to the price and features. They offer various types of hosting plans. They have got 7 data centers across the globe. When you register for an account, you can choose the best location that suits you. You will get free template installation and component installation service for the hosting account. The components are regularly added for free. This means that you will get more features and functionality if any of the components get installed.

tmdhosting 60 days money back guarantee

Money-back Details

They have 60 days money-back guarantee here. You can ask for the money back within 60 days and get the full refund.

Top Features

  • Managed hosting at a very affordable rate.
  • They have a great support team.
  • 7 Global data centers.
  • The cutting-edge technology ensures that you get better safety and super-fast servers.
  • There are various types of hosting services to choose from.
  • New features are added regularly.

#7 Dreamhost

Dreamhost is a great hosting service if you are using WordPress. They have awesome new features you can use here. The good thing is that you don’t even need to use Softaculous to install WordPress. They give WordPress pre-installed. You just need to click on the checkbox and that’s it. The pricing is transparent and there are many unique features here.

Dreamhost has a web panel for managing the server. Most people love it but few people love cPanel. The panel makes it easier to use the hosting. Even if you are a complete newbie, you can manage your website with Dreamhost. Additionally, they have got the best money-back offer. Let’s talk about it.

dreamhost 97 days money back

Money-back Details

Like we have mentioned, they have got the most amazing money-back offer. They have a money-back guarantee of 97 days. Yes, you read that right. You can ask for money back even after 3 months (within 97 days). There is no other hosting service that offers such a huge interval.

Top Features

  • WordPress is pre-installed with some themes customized by Dreamhost.
  • Great support.
  • Transparent pricing. The price won’t hike at the time of renewal. You will pay the same price here at the renewal time.
  • Easy to use panel.
  • 100% uptime guarantee. This is something that we love.
  • Unlimited file usage, bandwidth, storage.
  • You don’t need to worry about the backups. They have automated backups.

Final Words

To summarize, these are some of the best hosting services that offer 60 days web hosting trial. You can go with any of them as per your wish. For a faster server, Linode will be the best choice. For affordable rates, you can go with HostGator. Not to mention, for Windows hosting, SmarterASP will be the better choice. You can surely choose any hosting services from the above-given one. All of them have great speed with enhanced security.

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