Hetzner Price Increase

Did you receive an email from Hetzner informing you about the hike in plan prices? Are you looking for the reason behind this increment? If yes, you are in luck!

This article covers all the little details about the Hetzner price increase. You will get to know the Hetzner products affected by this change.

Also, we completely understand that the rise in server prices will add to your overall hosting costs. So we’ll share some of the best Hetzner alternatives in Europe with you.

Let’s first check out what this increment is all about in our next section.

Hetzner Price Increase

Hetzner has recently increased the prices of many of its services by about 10%. The price change took effect on 1st September 2022. It is when the company started charging new customers with updated prices.

hetzner price increase

The existing Hetzner customers were at an advantage. They were charged lower prices for extra four months. So the Hetzner price rise took effect from 1st January 2023 for the existing products.

The air conditioning/electricity rates for Hetzner’s colocation products also rose drastically. Germany saw an increment from € 0.29/kWh to € 0.45/kWh. Finland’s rates rose from € 0.12/kWh to € 0.22/kWh.

hetzner colocation rates

NOTE: Prices remain unchanged for Hetzner products not directly using electricity. These include IPs, racks, SSL certificates, domains, and setup fees.

The increase in monthly prices of Hetzner services is justified. But the installation fee is a bit costly for the dedicated root servers. Check it out here.

Which products are affected by this increase?

Hetzner price increase applies only to some models of the host’s Auction/Bidding servers. The company informed only the affected customers via email.

So if you haven’t received any email from the hosting provider, your servers are unaffected by this price rise.

This is what the Hetzner email looks like:

hetzner email

Hetzner truly cares for its customers and sent another email to affected customers. It includes a statement containing an alternative for them to save hosting costs.

What are the causes of the price hike?

Energy prices in Europe have substantially increased in the last year. It is affecting every industry dependent on the power resource. Additionally, inflation is impacting almost all commodities across the globe.

Hetzner price hike was expected because of rising energy prices in Europe and global inflation. And this increment from Hetzner seems reasonable because of this.

electricity price rise in europe in december 2022

NOTE: Hetzner uses solar energy to power its hosting infrastructure which supposedly saves it from Europe’s energy crisis. But looking at the rising prices, it seems that solar energy is insufficient and unreliable to meet the host’s energy demand. So it cannot be used as a primary power source. Probably, Hetzner is using it only as a supplementary source. That is why the rising energy prices are impacting the host’s operations.

Best Hetzner Alternatives in Europe?

Since Hetzner has increased its product prices, let’s look at some of its best alternatives in Europe:


alphavps dedicated servers

Established in 2013, AlphaVPS offers affordable server infrastructure in Europe. The dedicated servers are fully customizable and easy to manage. It is possible to deploy these servers quickly.

So AlphaVPS servers come in handy when you need to expand your server base for growing projects.

AlphaVPS has dedicated servers in the following regions of Europe:

  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Nuremberg, Germany
  • London, United Kingdom

Currently, the host has servers available in Sofia only. Servers in other European regions are fully booked.

alphavps server prices

The dedicated server plans at AlphaVPS start from €25.00/month. However, the current lowest server price is €39.00/month due to the full booking of cheaper servers.

Kimsufi (by OVH)

kimsufi dedicated servers

Kimsufi by OVHcloud is a host that offers budget-friendly dedicated servers. The company uses second-hand components to create fully-functional servers at cheaper costs.

You will receive anti-DDoS protection, unlimited public bandwidth, and 99.90% uptime.

In Europe, Kimsufi has dedicated servers only in France.

Server plans at Kimsufi are available for as low as $5.99 per month. It comes with a one-time installation fee of $5.99. But this plan is fully booked presently. So the current lowest server price is $26.76 monthly plus a one-time set-up fee of $26.76.

kimsufi server prices


The price increase is inevitable with any host because of the above-mentioned reasons. But Hetzner remains a cheaper choice than Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

What are your options after the Hetzner price increase? Either stay with the host and bear the increment. Or migrate to AlphaVPS or Kimsufi.

Hetzner is already among the cheapest server providers. So paying for a reasonable price rise does make sense.

Moving away from Hetzner is suggested only in two situations. First, if you are unsatisfied with Hetzner’s services. Second, when you experience a huge price increase.

For any further Hetzner-related queries, leave a comment below.

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