SiteGround Email Hosting Review

Are you planning to utilize SiteGround’s email hosting for your business? Do you want to know the benefits that it brings to your website? If yes, this SiteGround email hosting review is only for you!

Here we discuss the prerequisites, benefits, and quota associated with email hosting from SiteGround. We’ll also address the most frequent queries related to this email service towards the end of this article.

But first, let’s check out the pre-requirements for the SiteGround email in our next section.

Do I need a web hosting account and a domain name for SiteGround’s email hosting?

Yes, you do need a web hosting account and a domain name for SiteGround’s email hosting.

The host provides unlimited professional email accounts for free with its hosting plans. So you can create any number of custom emails attached to your domain name with SiteGround hosting.

siteground email with hosting

As far as the domain name is concerned, it is possible to follow either of the following routes when you want to use SiteGround email:

  • Register your domain name with SiteGround
  • Transfer your existing domain to the host
  • Point your domain name servers to SiteGround

Once you have your domain and hosting with SiteGround, you will be able to use its email services for your website.

Benefits of using SiteGround email services

Here are the top benefits of using SiteGround email services that give it an edge over its competitors:

Free email service: The host provides free custom emails with all its hosting plans. So you don’t have to spend anything extra for hosting your business emails.

Super-easy to manage: SiteGround offers an easy-to-use Webmail User Interface to manage all your email-related tasks. Even a beginner can quickly understand how to send and receive emails with ease.

siteground webmail interface

Email security: It provides free spam protection along with support for POP3, IMAP, SMTP protocols and offers daily backups, custom WAF, AI anti-bot system, and free SSL certificates. Further, it secures your account at both server-side and application-level.

Comprehensive platform: It provides a comprehensive platform in the form of SiteGround Site Tools to handle advanced email functions. From cPanel, you can create new email accounts, delete existing ones, set auto-responders, forwarders and can do much more.

Siteground email hosting review (for price & features)

SiteGround hosting plans include email hosting with varying features. You must consider the information in the comparison table below to decide the best plan for your email hosting needs.

Comparing SiteGround email hosting features in different hosting plans

Features StartUp GrowBig GoGeek
Plan price $3.99 per month $6.69 per month $10.69 per month
Number of professional emails Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free email migrator Included Included Included
Email space 2 GB 4 GB 6 GB
Available number of domains for email hosting One Unlimited Unlimited
Available number of subdomains for email hosting Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Available number of parked domains for email hosting Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email sending limit per hour 400 emails 400 emails 800 emails
Email receiving limit per minute 20 emails 20 emails 20 emails
Maximum size of email attachment per message 50 MB 50 MB 50 MB
Maximum number of recipients per email 40 40 80
Email SSD storage Available Available Available
Free SSL for email hosting Available Available Available
Spam protection Available Available Available
Email spoofing and anti-phishing protection Included Included Included
Automated daily backups Available Available Available
POP3 email protocol Available Available Available
IMAP email protocol Available Available Available
SMTP email protocol Available Available Available
SSL/TLS protocol Available Available Available
Email rules and filtering Included Included Included
Email encryption Included Included Included
Retry interval for undelivered emails 11 hours 11 hours 11 hours
24/7 SiteGround support Available Available Available
30-day money-back guarantee Available Available Available

How do I set up an email address with SiteGround?

Setting up an email address with SiteGround is fairly easy. Follow this path whenever you want to create a new email account:

Site Tools > Email > Accounts > Create New Email Account

creating siteground email

Now follow these steps for creating your new SiteGround email:

  • Select the domain name against which you wish to create your new custom email.
  • Type in the desired email name.
  • Fill in a strong email password. You can also click on “Generate” to get a random password for your new email. Click on “Unhide” to view the password, if needed.
  • Once you are satisfied, click on “Create”.

email creation in siteground

What is SiteGround email quota?

SiteGround allows sending a maximum of 800 emails in its GoGeek plan and 400 emails in other plans. For email attachment size, it is 50 MB per message.

You can send an email to a maximum of 80 recipients with the GoGeek plan and 40 recipients under the lower ones.

The email receiving quota with SiteGround hosting is 20 emails per minute.

siteground email limit

Before going into the verdict for SiteGround email hosting review, you should know that SiteGround provides you with a space of 2 GB, 4 GB, and 6 GB to store your email data with its StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek plans respectively.

Verdict: Is Siteground email hosting good?

Yes, SiteGround email hosting is good for bloggers, small businesses, and other website owners. It is a reliable service with plenty of email hosting features.

However, the SiteGround email is made only for moderate use and not for running marketing campaigns.

So if you are searching for professional email hosting for intensive marketing, do not depend on SiteGround email hosting. Instead, go for a third-party email provider like Google Workspace which is specialized in such services.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is SiteGround email secure?

Yes, SiteGround email is fully secure with SSL encryption. The host also protects your messages with POP3, SMTP, and IMAP protocols.

Additionally, SiteGround email hosting includes spam protection, email spoofing, and phishing protection.

Can you use Gmail with SiteGround?

Yes, you can use Gmail with SiteGround by manually configuring your email settings from the hosting account.

Does SiteGround do free email hosting?

Yes, SiteGround offers free email hosting with all its web hosting plans.

How many emails can you send with SiteGround?

You can send up to 800 emails per hour with SiteGround, depending on the hosting plan you purchase.

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