SiteGround Magento hosting review

Are you planning to purchase SiteGround hosting for your new Magento store? Do you want to know the features, pricing, pros, and cons of Magento hosting with the host? If yes, this SiteGround Magento hosting review will provide you with all the details.

But first, let’s have an overview of SiteGround Magento hosting.

Overview of SiteGround Magento hosting

SiteGround is a reliable Magento host that is capable of running the script even on its shared servers. You’ll get powerful eCommerce features with the entry-level plan as well.

siteground magento hosting

SiteGround StartUp plan is capable of supporting about 10,000 monthly visits which is an excellent number to start with. You’ll also receive unmetered bandwidth and 10 GB of storage space for your Magento store.

SiteGround Magento Hosting Review: Pros & Cons

SiteGround Magento hosting carries the following pros and cons:

Pros of SiteGround Magento hosting

  • All SiteGround plans include a free Magento 2 installation.
  • The host provides eCommerce-friendly features for Magento hosting.
  • You’ll receive 24/7 free daily backups with SiteGround.
  • All Magento hosting plans come with fast SSD drives.
  • The hosting provider offers Magento-optimized servers for compatibility.
  • SiteGround plans include free website transfers for existing Magento stores.
  • Your plan will include a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) with Railgun and Memcached for a fast-loading website.
  • SiteGround offers excellent Magento-related help and technical support via chat, online ticket, and phone.

Cons of SiteGround Magento hosting

  • SiteGround Magento hosting has very high renewal prices.
  • You’ll receive fewer server resources in terms of CPU limits and storage space.
  • Unlike many of its competitors, SiteGround doesn’t provide a free domain with its Magento hosting plans.

SiteGround Magento Features

SiteGround spends substantial resources and utilizes efficient technologies on their shared servers that significantly boost the performance of Magento stores. Therefore, you can expect outstanding Magento performance even on their most affordable shared hosting plan.

siteground magento features

For SiteGround Magento hosting review in terms of features, we have listed some notable features below:

Server-level security patches

SiteGround takes care of software vulnerabilities to protect your Magento store from unexpected attacks. It applies server-level security solutions quickly for new vulnerabilities, often before the official release of such fixes.

Custom in-house hack protection

The hosting provider isolates all Magento stores hosted on the same server through a custom server setup. It prevents the attack on other online stores if one Magento store on the shared server is hacked.

Git integration for easy Magento version control

SiteGround offers Git integration with its GoGeek hosting plan. It has a custom interface called SG-Git that allows the creation of Magento Git repositories.

You can access, edit, and download these repositories on multiple local branches anytime using Git.

Free Magento 2 Installation

All SiteGround plans include a free Magento 2 installation. You can quickly install it from the Site Tools App Manager.

Alternatively, consider placing a request to the SiteGround support staff and they will be quick to guide you through.

Ease of Use of Magento on SiteGround

Magento is a very difficult script when it comes to hosting it on a shared server. However, SiteGround offers it with its shared hosting plans since the company has successfully managed to make the script compatible with its shared servers.

One downside of using SiteGround Magento hosting is that the host does not offer 1-click Magento installation. So you need to upload the script and install it manually.

Alternatively, SiteGround offers free automatic Magento installation that is easier than manual installation but still involves multiple clicks.

installing magento on siteground

Customer Support – Can they help with your Magento store?

SiteGround is known for its excellent customer service which makes it stand out from its competitors. It offers 24/7 support via phone, online tickets, and chat.

The host has the best ticketing system and chat support in the industry.

siteground magento support

SiteGround aims to make the lives of its customers easier by building top-notch customer solutions.

SiteGround’s chat system allows the users to rate the support they get after solving their issues. It ensures to answer all customer queries, including the ones related to Magento stores.

Also, this prevents any support ticket from going unchecked.

SiteGround’s superb support is the biggest pull factor for hosting your Magento store on its servers. You will be in the best hands if you choose their hosting.

SiteGround Magento Hosting Pricing Plans

SiteGround offers three Magento hosting plans on its shared servers. The table below shows their pricing details:

SiteGround Magento Plan Initial price per month Renewal price per month
StartUp $3.99 $17.99
GrowBig $6.69 $29.99
GoGeek $10.69 $44.99

What Users Say about Hosting Magento on SiteGround

Let’s take a look at the experiences of SiteGround Magento hosting users:

siteground magento review

magento siteground review

As seen above, people have mixed reviews on Magento hosting from SiteGround. The host might not be able to offer the best performance for a Magento 2 store but it provides you with Magento hosting on a budget along with good customer support.

Best Alternative to hosting Magento SiteGround

Magento is an extremely powerful eCommerce platform with complex architecture. So it is best to host it on a reliable and high-powered platform to handle it well and to sustain store’s performance and manage large traffic volumes during the holiday season.

Magento demands extensive server requirements, including the latest PHP versions, Redis, Varnish, MySQL/MariaDB versions, SSL, Apache, NGINX, and much more.

Therefore, Cloudways is the most ideal solution in terms of server requirements and performance.

cloudways magento hosting

Additionally, Cloudways offers:

  • Managed Magento Hosting
  • Free Magento Migration
  • 1-Click Magento Installation
  • Seamless Traffic Handling

Verdict: Is SiteGround Magento Hosting Worth it?

Yes, SiteGround Magento hosting is worth it. The host has the best support and very little wait time.

Magento plans aren’t cheap but with SiteGround you do get the service and support worth the money you spend. Also, well-optimized servers for eCommerce websites make SiteGround a good fit for Magento hosting.

Consider choosing your hosting based on your business stage:

  • If you are a beginner, shared hosting that can handle low traffic will be an ideal choice. We recommend SiteGround’s GrowBig plan.
  • If you run a medium or large store, opting for VPS or Cloud hosting is the right decision. We recommend Cloudways Magento Hosting as it is capable of handling high traffic.

Lastly, remember that SiteGround has higher renewal prices than Cloud hosting solutions. So consider investing in Managed Cloud plans since you are anyway gonna pay that sum eventually.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can Magento run on shared hosting?

Yes, Magento can run on shared hosting. But we recommend using it only for smaller stores. Otherwise, consider utilizing Cloud or VPS hosting.

Is Bluehost good for Magento?

Yes, Bluehost is good for Magento but only when you use the host’s VPS solutions.

How to install Magento on SiteGround?

You can easily install Magento on SiteGround with the free automatic installation that the host offers. Alternatively, install it manually by following the path below:

Site Tools > Site > App Manager.

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