Why is Hetzner so cheap?

If you are looking for cheap servers in Europe or the USA, you will surely come across Hetzner. After looking at the price, you will surely wonder: Why is Hetzner so cheap?

Do they compromise on quality (performance) or they are not a genuine provider? Well, we will find it out in this post.

Let’s see the top reasons why Hetzner has cheap servers.

Why is Hetzner so cheap (10 Reasons)

We will see the 10 most important reasons for the cheap price of Hetzner.

Reason 1: Hidden Charges

Most of the hosting providers have this issue of hidden charges.

Setup fees: Usually VPS and dedicated servers have hidden charges in the form of setup fees (Hetzner does this too). The good part is that you can see the exact setup fee right below the main pricing.

There are a few servers with 0 setup fees. You can also filter it from the left panel.

hetzner hidden charges

Addons: If you have been researching this topic, you might have come across something called Flexi-pack. Earlier, Hetzner used to charge extra for Flexipack which is an addon pack for the server.

However, this is no longer the case. Hence, no charges on Flexipack.

Reason 2: Old Hardware

Hetzner is known for building their own servers instead of buying them directly from the supplier. This allows them to buy the hardware and components in bulk.

As you might have guessed, they reuse some parts of the hardware and components that some other providers have already stopped using. This allows them to decrease the overall cost.

So, you can expect low-end servers if you consider hardware as a factor. However, they check for the quality. Therefore, it still gives decent performance.

Note: They also save some money in redundancy. There are no redundant power supplies in servers and server racks. They do have redundant UPS facilities to ensure reliability, though.

hetzner ups facility

Reason 3: Limited Support Options

Customer support looks like a small thing. However, it costs a lot to hosting providers to offer technical support. Hetzner has different teams for different products.

Therefore, it saves them a lot of money in terms of training.

On the other hand, the support is not fast or good enough. So, it’s safe to assume that they have fewer people in the support team. As there are fewer members for support, they can save a lot of money here.

hetzner response delays limited support

Reason 4: They Own the Data Centers

Data centers are a crucial part of any hosting company. Hetzner owns the data centers. So, they can not only keep the scalable infrastructure design but it also allows them to add any number of servers if needed.

If a company owns the data centers, it can also provide co-location services. As you might have guessed, Hetzner provides such services. So, they also make decent money from that side.

hetzner data center regions

Reason 5: Location

EU locations are best suited for many hosting companies. People are ready to pay more for the location. On the positive side, the company can save costs as there are more renewable energy sources and network connectivity.

Hetzner has data centers in Germany and Finland. They have more peering points (partners) for connectivity. This allows them to control the cost.

data center locations of hetzner

Reason 6: In-house Staff

It’s not just about the support team and data centers. One of the reasons why Hetzner is so cheap is because of the in-house team.

Whether it’s builders or electricians, they have their own team. Even the system admins, software developers, etc. are from their team and not outsourced.

With this, they can save more money on staffing.

hetzner cost cutting on staff

Reason 7: Green Energy

Your website runs 24/7. So, it needs energy to operate. Utilizing green energy is Hetzner’s way of saving money. Electricity is expensive and it’s a great way to promote eco-friendly servers.

hetzner green energy affordable cloud


Reason 8: Cheap Bandwidth in Europe

Hetzner has 3 data center locations out of which 2 are in Europe. In Europe, bandwidth is cheap. Additionally, they have huge support from investors and the government.

So, the overall operating cost decreases a lot.

hetzner inexpensive bandwidth

Hetzner Inexpensive Bandwidth

Reason 9: Automation

When you order a VPS or dedicated server, many things are done behind the scenes. In some companies, this process is manual especially if you add more add-ons to the existing server configurations.

That’s not the case with Hetzner due to their automation process.

The configuration is automated. So, it saves them a lot of cost in terms of staffing. As there is very little manual work, you can expect your server to be ready in minutes without Hetzner having to spend a lot of time and money on staff.

hetzner auctioned server purchasing

Reason 10: Discounts

Why is Hetzner so cheap? Well, it’s because of the discounts that are offered. Due to their huge bulk orders in hardware configurations, they save a lot of money.

For this reason, they are able to offer decent discounts to the audience.

When a user plan ends, instead of destroying the server. Hetzner resells the same server as “auctioned servers”. So, anyone can buy such instant servers. These servers are fully formatted and reset.

Therefore, they work as new servers.

However, these auctioned servers are pre-configured and you have very little to no control over the configuration part. Other than that, auctioned servers are not only cheap but are also available instantly.

These auction servers not only save money for users but even Hetzner can save a lot of money by reselling the same servers.

hetzner server auction overview


These are the top 10 reasons why Hetzner is so cheap. We don’t recommend you to use it for production projects. Instead, you can use it for your testing and hobby projects.

Additionally, if you are not technical or don’t have experience in handling web servers, it’s not recommended to use Hetzner.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there a cheaper alternative to Hetzner?

Yes, there are also other cheaper alternatives to Hetzner. At Hosting Revelations, you can check our list for cheap VPS and dedicated servers.

Does Hetzner charge hourly?

Hetzner charges per month for all their servers. There is no hourly option.

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