Disk Quota Exceeded WordPress

disk quota exceeded wordpress.

Disk quota exceeded in WordPress simply means that your disk space is full. The first thing that you might think is that “I need to upgrade the disk space”, right? Well, that’s not always the case. There are a few other reasons why you might see the “Disk quota exceeded” error in WordPress. In my … Read more

Wordfence Free vs Premium

Wordfence Free vs Premium

Here is a detailed comparison between Wordfence free vs premium versions to help you decide which one will be beneficial for your website security needs. I’ve been using Wordfence premium for 2 years now and can share the inside details with you of what to expect. By using the premium version of this security plugin, … Read more

SiteGround Security Vs Wordfence

siteground security vs wordfence security

If you are concerned about your website’s security, two proven ways can help protect your WordPress website. Choosing a secure hosting service that follows industry best practices in security. Reinforcing your website security with a powerful third-party security service. When it comes to WordPress security, SiteGround Security and Wordfence are the two most popular options. Both these plugins offer … Read more

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